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We are the leading face-to-face training provider of ICF-accredited coaching courses in Australia, trusted by 19,000+ students.

Our Most Popular Life Coaching Courses

Practitioner of Coaching

The Practitioner of Coaching provides you with the foundations of becoming a successful coach and attracting your first clients using the 12-Step Coaching Model. It is ideal for anyone seeking an introduction to coaching with limited time to study or for those wanting to develop their coaching skills for their current career.

Diploma of Life Coaching

The Diploma of Life Coaching gives you everything you need to establish a sustainable coaching business and be a transformational coach from anywhere in the world. In addition to becoming a certified NLP & Conscious Hypnosis Practitioner, you will have also have a website template built for you and attend a marketing summit.

Master Practitioner of Coaching

The Master Practitioner of
Coaching encompasses all of the previous courses into one incredible course with 45 days of face-to-face training. It allows you to work with a variety of potential clients in a range of niches and provides you with the greatest possible opportunity to grow your coaching business.

Our accreditations

Lcc Accreds 1b
Lcc Accreds 2b

An Industry Leader In Training Coaches, Students Come To Us For Coaching Mastery, Business Development + Expert Education

  • 100% of our graduates have had paying clients (you cannot graduate without them!)
  • ICF Accredited and Nationally and Internationally Recognised.
  • The biggest range of courses and certifications in Australia.
  • Expert Trainers who are all leaders in their fields — Coaching, Marketing, Business, Training, MBIT, Matrix Therapies, NLP, Hypnosis, Energy Coaching, Leadership, Behavioural Coaching (and more).
  • Courses and Certifications for ALL Levels of coaches — from complete beginners to advanced practitioners.
  • 10 years of industry success and 1,500 graduates under our belt.
  • Practical coaching frameworks that you can use right away
    with confidence.

Plus, The In-Person Difference

Unlike other coaching schools, we prioritise LIVE, cutting-edge coaching — so you get to learn and practice in a real room, with real people, in real situations.

Because we believe THIS is how to accelerate your learning, build your confidence, and develop your skills as a professional coach. The best results undoubtedly come when you step out behind the computer, and into the real world.

(…and our results speak for themselves.)

Our members go beyond becoming coaches — rising into the roles of thought leaders, authors, trainers, and key people of influence in the world of training, personal development. and leadership.

Already certified and want to uplevel your skills?
Interested in a particular niche as a coach?

We offer a variety of specialty courses to sharpen your focus and hone your expertise. Whether you want to become an executive coach, a leadership coach, a kids coach, or something else… we have an expert-led course for you.

See real success stories from real people

"I recommend the quality of the training to anyone who wants to become a professional coach."


"Heather helps over 1000 clients!"


"The Life Coaching College has great content, so invest for yourself and for your clients!"


"I made back triple my course investment in 6 months — which I think is AMAZING! "


"The trainers were AMAZING!"


"It has been absolutely profound, so much in my life has already changed"


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