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1-day High Performing Teams Trainer

(Course code HPT001)


The High Performing Teams training program establishes a clear behavioral framework to enable open, honest, and constructive dialogue among team members to improve performance. We believe that open dialogue about behavior and subsequent performance is critical for all leaders and members of high-performing teams.The environment we create fosters high levels of engagement, commitment, and accountability.

High Performing Teams training focuses on providing effective leadership programs in organizations that ensure senior management, staff, and work teams:

  • Work harmoniously to achieve organizational goals.
  • Provide open and honest feedback to each other.
  • Understand, promote, and develop leadership within the groups to achieve a sustainable, positive environment.

Face-to-Face in Melbourne, Sydney. Brisbane or Perth. And online.

1 Days 


All books included in the price

Upcoming Training Dates

At The Life Coaching College, we host and run a variety of online & face-to-face coaching training events for current students and alumni throughout the year. Check the schedule for upcoming training dates and availability.


x 20 weeks

$50.00 every 1 Week until $1,000.00 is collected


x 10 fortnights

$100.00 every 2 Weeks until $1,000.00 is collected


x 5 months

$200.00 every Month until $1,000.00 is collected



$100 discount

Once off payment of $900.00

Learning Outcomes:

Alternative Path

Alternatively, you can enrol in the Advanced Practitioner of Leadership Coaching for $18,000 & receive the HPT training PLUS:

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Meet Your Trainers

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Jim Cocks

PCC Certified Coach and NLPAA Qualified Trainer

Jim is not just a coach; he’s a catalyst for transformation. With a storied career in sales, marketing, training, and business development across some of the biggest international retail and fitness brands, Jim brings a wealth of experience to the life coaching arena.

As a best-selling author, his latest book, Build Excite Ignite, has empowered countless individuals to escape the corporate grind and leap into entrepreneurial success.

At the Life Coaching College, Jim harnesses his extensive background to support our students in scaling their coaching expertise and businesses to new heights.

His practical, no-nonsense approach demystifies the complexities of business development, making success accessible to everyone—from budding entrepreneurs to established business owners looking to expand their impact.

As a PCC certified coach and an NLPAA qualified trainer, Jim’s methods are not just about theory but are rooted in real-world applications that produce tangible results. His dynamic coaching style is infused with integrity, character, and a dash of fun, ensuring that learning is not just effective but also enjoyable.

Join Jim at The Life Coaching College and transform your passion into a profitable venture that reflects your values and vision. With Jim and TLCC by your side, your journey to personal and professional fulfilment is just beginning.

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Glen Murdoch

Founder & CEO of The Life Coaching College

Meet Glen Murdoch, affectionately known as “Doc,” the dynamic founder of The Life Coaching College.

With a storied career that kicked off in the energetic world of physical education, Glen has donned many hats—from a celebrated PE teacher across Australia, the UAE, and England to an innovative entrepreneur who revolutionised athletic training with cutting-edge video analysis software.

His pioneering work didn’t stop there; Glen’s passion for sports psychology propelled him to specialise in the vital fields of resilience, mindfulness, strengths, and self-acceptance.

After extensive postgraduate studies in England, Glen discovered his true calling in coaching. Specialising in high-performing team development and peak performance coaching, he has been the secret weapon for numerous athletes striving to reach the zenith of their potential. In 2010, alongside his wife Beth, Glen fused his vast knowledge and experience to establish The Life Coaching College, a beacon for aspiring coaches.

When he’s not mentoring tomorrow’s leaders or penning influential books on personal development and sports, Glen can be found indulging in his love for running, mastering the art of cricket, or improving his golf handicap.

Each step he takes—whether on the track, field, or fairway—reflects his deep commitment to personal growth and professional excellence.
Join Glen as he continues to inspire, educate, and transform lives—one game, one lesson, one breakthrough at a time!

Here's What Happens
When You Enrol With TLCC:

When you become a student at The Life Coaching College, you’ll gain access to a truly transformative learning experience:

Hands-On Course Materials

Your comprehensive course materials will be shipped directly to your door within 7-10 business days of enrolment. No waiting for digital downloads – you’ll have everything you need to start learning in your hands.

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Personalised Coaching

One of our seasoned, ICF-certified coaches will guide you through a 12-week personal coaching program. This is your chance to experience our proven coaching methodology firsthand and see how it can help you create positive change.

Weekly Trainer Interactions:

Join live group coaching sessions every weekday to learn directly from our expert trainers. Gain insights on personal growth, business development, marketing, and of course, core coaching competencies.

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Robust Online Resources

Dive into our extensive online learning library, featuring over 200 classes on topics like NLP, hypnosis, positive psychology, and more. Your education extends far beyond the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

01 What are the best life coaching courses in Australia?

When it comes to life coaching certification, quality and accreditation are key. The Life Coaching College offers the gold-standard training you need to become a successful, in-demand coach. Our programs are internationally accredited by the ICF and equip you with the practical skills and real-world experience to thrive in this rewarding career. We’re also the only in-person program available.

Tuition for our life coaching courses ranges from $6,000 to $25,000, depending on the program level. We offer a variety of flexible payment options, including interest-free plans, to make quality coaching education accessible. Invest in your future and start your dream career today.

Certification is not legally required to practise as a life coach. However, clients increasingly seek out coaches who have completed accredited training programs. When you earn your credential from The Life Coaching College, you’ll demonstrate your expertise and be better positioned to build a thriving coaching practice.

The beauty of our program is that you can start earning while you learn. Many of our students begin taking on clients and making money just after their first weekend with us. You don’t have to wait until the end of your training to start your coaching career.

Most courses at The Life Coaching College run from 6-12 months, inclusive of face-to-face practice (100+ hrs for ICF Accreditation), as well as 10 hrs. of mentor training. And the Practitioner of Life Coaching course will give you 42 hours of practice coaching.

While we believe hands-on, face-to-face training is essential for developing core coaching competencies, we also offer online learning opportunities. Many of our courses feature a blend of in-person workshops and self-paced digital modules to accommodate diverse learning styles and schedules. Speak with our team to find the right program format for you.

Still have questions about which life coaching course is right for you?

Book a call with our friendly team to get personalised recommendations and learn more about kick-starting your new career.