7 Strategies That Help You Break Free From Your Soda Addiction

Soda habits are difficult to conquer because sugar and high fructose corn syrup are addictive. However, good health absolutely depends on it! High amounts of sugar and high fructose corn syrup are known to cause widespread inflammation in the body, resulting in chronic or even fatal diseases, such as diabetes, heart and circulatory challenges, and cancer.

However, you can break free from this unhealthy habit with time and effort.

Soda isn’t an easy temptation to resist, but you can prevail!

Use these strategies to help you overcome your soda habit:

1. Evaluate your soda habit. How often do you reach for your favorite pop drink? Do you have it with every meal and snack?

* The first step to breaking an unhealthy soda habit is to evaluate your drinks throughout the week to discover how much of your liquid intake is soda. With this information, you can create a plan to make some changes.

2. Learn about the health risks. Studying the health risks can encourage you to stop drinking soda.

* Studies have linked soda directly to obesity, diabetes, and tooth enamel erosion. These sweet drinks also have a negative impact on your bones. If you drink a large amount of soda, then you’re more likely to have brittle bones.

3. Start with realistic expectations. It’s easier to eliminate soda with a slower process.

* Although you may be tempted to try going cold turkey, studies show that this is more likely to make you cheat and start drinking soda again. The addictive power of soda means it’s easier to eliminate by using a process that cuts it down slowly.

* If you have soda three times a day, then start the process by cutting it down to two times a day. Then, drink it once a day. Next, you can drink it every other day until it’s gone.

4. Mix your soda with water. As you work on eliminating it completely from your diet, you can fight the soda habit by mixing it with water. This makes the drink less sugary, so your body will start to get used to drinks with a smaller amount of sugar.

5. Find tasty alternatives. It’s easier to break a soda habit if you replace it with a delicious and different drink.

* Water is usually recommended as the alternative to drinking soda. However, if you hate the taste of water, then you can dress it up with fruit, flavor drops, powders, and mixes.

* Tea and coffee without sugar are also good alternatives. You can find decaffeinated versions without any calories. Herbal teas can be a fun change.

6. Fight soda cravings. These cravings aren’t easy to handle, but you can work on them.

* If you have a craving for soda, try drinking an entire glass of water to fight it. Water can make you feel full and may eliminate the craving.

* At first, you can also try natural fruit juices and smoothies to fight the craving because it may be based on your addiction to sugar. Although these alternatives also have sugar, they’re healthier options and have vitamins.

7. Avoid the usual triggers. Do you always drink soda with your favorite takeout meal? Do you buy a soda each time you go past your favorite vending machine?

* To change your habits, it’s important to avoid the triggers that motivate you. Instead of ordering a soda with your usual takeout, consider making a healthy smoothie at home. If avoiding the vending machine is difficult, then try buying bottled water instead of soda or ask a friend to hold you accountable.

You can overcome a soda habit by taking control of your lifestyle. Soon, you’ll be used to the change and feel better than you may have in years! Your body will thank you for making such a healthy decision.

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