About The Life Coaching College

Founded by coach, author & entrepreneur, Glen Murdoch, The Life Coaching College is the leading face-to-face training provider of ICF-accredited coaching courses in Australia.

At The Life Coaching College, we're serious about helping you learn powerful coaching skills.

At The Life Coaching College, we offer a unique blend of in-person and online learning to foster student success. This is to ensure that students receive the practical experience they require to gain the skills and confidence to build their own successful life coaching business.

Since opening our doors in 2011, we have welcomed over 2,300+ students into the rewarding career of coaching, with many going on to big things. Some graduates work with CEOs and executive leaders worldwide, whilst others have built profitable six-figure businesses on their terms. Many have also authored books and led-packed international training sessions.

Our College is also internationally recognised by the gold standard for coaching, the International Coach Federation (ICF). This means that we have the highest accreditation possible in coach training, and our students are trained to the world standard. In addition, all of our trainers are also accredited with either the NLP Association of Australia (NLPAA), the American Board of NLP (ABNLP), or the International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IANLP).

Glen Murdoch

Why Study at The Life Coaching College?

At The Life Coaching College, our approach to learning is entirely different from anything else you'll find within the life coaching industry.

In all of our coaching courses, we focus on combining theoretical coaching models with hands-on practical experience to give you the confidence and skills you need to create your own successful coaching business.

We also have the widest range of speciality coaching courses and offer the most face-to-face training for any ICF-accredited life coaching school in Australia (up to 45 days!) to help accelerate your knowledge.

Study at The Life Coaching College
World-Class Trainers

World-Class Trainers

All of our trainers are experts in their field and are dedicated to helping you become the best coach you can be. In every training session, you'll be able to pick the brains of our world-class trainers, build relationships with other soon-to-be-coaches and practice coaching with real people and real situations.

In fact, 100% of our students have experienced a life-changing personal transformation during one of their trainings with our trainers. 

Blended Learning Experience

We also offer a blended learning experience to help you study around your work and life commitments. Our online training will enable you to study wherever and whenever you like, and some of our face-to-face training takes place over weekends. So, if you're already working part-time or full-time, you don't need to put everything on hold while you study with us.

And because of this, we've helped more than 2,300+ students graduate as a life coach with 100% of them leaving with paying clients (in fact, you cannot graduate without them!).

Blended Learning Experience

Download a Course Guide

Interested in learning more about what we have to offer? Download a free copy of our comprehensive 2022 Course Guide below.

When you join us at The Life Coaching College, you will also:

Have the Opportunity to Experience Coaching as a Client

One of our certified coaches will personally take you through a 12-week coaching program so you can see first-hand how our successful coaching models can help you (and future clients!) achieve change in any area of life.

Gain Access to our Private Facebook Group

Our Facebook Group has over 1,500+ life coaches within it, which means you'll be surrounded by an incredible community of like-minded and passionate people. They're there to support your goals, champion your dreams and celebrate your successes.

Interact with Our Experienced Trainers Daily

Each weekday, you can jump onto a live group coaching session with one of our certified trainers to gain a variety of personal development, business, marketing and coaching skills.

Partner up with a Coaching Buddy

To help embed your learning and practice your coaching skills, you'll have the chance to team up with another new student to coach one another, provide encouragement and guide each other towards mastery.

What Our Students Say

"I called the Life Coaching College on a Sunday and to my surprise, the founder of the College, Glen Murdoch, picked up. He is so dedicated, and he gave me the reassurance that the College was a good choice for me.”

Karina Lane

Karina Lane
Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

"The sincerity and knowledge of the trainers has left a lasting impression on me. Watching them teach, you could tell that they actually live the life they were speaking about, they practiced what they were teaching."

Matilda Wand

Matilda Wand
Master Practitioner of Coaching Student