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If you’ve ever had someone say, “Hey, you should be a coach!”… If you’ve ever dreamed of helping others and making a difference in the world… If you’ve ever yearned for a career that felt fulfilling, and afforded you freedom AND financial security…

Welcome! You’re in the perfect place. Through our internationally-recognised certifications and courses, we’ll help you make your coaching dreams a reality. And you’re about to discover our unique, life-changing education experience.


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About The Life Coaching College Australia

Founded by coach, author and entrepreneur Glen Murdoch in 2011, The Life Coaching College is a “live” in-the-room training and education company. After more than 25 years of teaching and training, we know that the best results happen when members don’t just learn the “theory” of coaching. Instead, the best results come when they give and receive coaching first-hand. Which is why we wholeheartedly believe in offering an immersive, interactive experience to every student who walks through our doors.

All of our programs leverage the power of in-person training — alongside online modules — to ensure you’re ready to support your clients, and build a thriving coaching practice, as soon as you graduate. When you learn from us, you’re in good company: Our members have risen into the roles of thought leaders, authors, trainers, and people of influence in the world of training, personal development and leadership.

But most importantly, we pride ourselves on the fact that they all leave our trainings armed with the skills and the confidence to make a massive impact on their clients; in their own lives; and in turn, on the world around them. Whether you’re just starting your coaching career, and you’re looking to get certified and launch your professional practice — or you’re already a coach, and want to uplevel your skills or sharpen your focus with one of our specialist courses…

We have everything you need to set you on a path to long-term coaching success.

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Why choose us?

We prioritise ‘live’ training for maximum results

If you love your training to include real people, in real classrooms, you will LOVE learning with us. We prioritise live, in-person learning — because we’ve seen that practical, hands-on experience is what builds confidence and skills better than anything else.

We provide face-to-face classroom-style trainings in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth — so our members across Australia can practice coaching with real people, in real situations, and receive actionable feedback from our expert team.

The best coaches and trainers in Australia

We’ve searched far and wide to assemble a Coaching + Training team that will not only help you become the best version of yourself — and create a career and life you adore — but teach you how to expertly help your clients do the same, too.

We want you to be proud of where you learnt coaching, and our expert ensemble has been carefully-crafted to enrich your learning and enhance your coaching development.

Professionally accredited courses

All of The Life Coaching College programs are recognised Nationally and Internationally so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’re getting a trusted, world-class education when you study with us — and setting yourself up for a career that you really can travel the world with, if that’s what you wish.

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100% of our graduates have had paying clients

Yes, you read that right! In fact, you cannot pass our courses if you haven’t had paying clients. We are passionate about helping you be successful in your new career, and that includes working with paying clients (with our support) BEFORE you leave the program.

The widest range of coaching programs

Whether you want to uplevel your skills or get certified, we’ve got something for you. We’ve brought together leaders in Personal Development, NLP, Matrix Therapies, Wellness Coaching, Kids Coaching, Business Coaching, Hypnosis, Leadership Coaching and MORE into a suite of cutting-edge trainings matched by no other college in Australia.

Online course options available

We know that not everyone can attend live training sessions, so we offer programs in a fully-online format as well. That way, if you cannot make it to any live trainings, you have an incredible alternative. (Though we cannot stress enough how wonderful + impactful it is to experience the interactive classroom training if you can get there!)

** With our unique, blended learning format comes flexibility. We know that life gets busy, and our programs are designed to accommodate that. So if you ever need more time, you get it! You just need to ask.

TLCC student success stories

"The College was like a beacon of light"


"I could finally see what the problem was"


"‘The College changed how I view the world’"


"‘I have grown my coaching business to earn $200,000 a year’"


""A lot of the pieces just came together.""


""There was a feeling of being lifted up.""


4 ways we wow our students

We design our programs with your success in mind

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Every single student who studies with us completes a fully approved 7 Day NLP Practitioner course —giving you the tools to understand human behavior, and get results quicker for your clients.


Proven coaching system + framework

We teach every single student our proven 12-Step Coaching System as soon as they join us. So after your first 4 days training, you’ll have 12 sessions you can immediately coach with. No more long delays before you feel ready to work with clients, or coach with confidence.

Every student gets a website

We don’t just focus on teaching you coaching skills, we want to set you up for business success too! Which is why we build every student a website — so you can come out of our programs attracting clients you want to work with, and owning a brand you are proud of.


Coaching and mentoring

We offer Coaching and Mentoring to help our members with anything they may need support with, so they can build a career they truly want. We’ve noticed that everyone could use a brainstorming buddy along the way, so we provide it!

Marketing training

We don’t just focus on teaching you coaching skills — we teach you the marketing skills you need to make your coaching dream come to life, too. Because without clients, your coaching practice isn’t much good to anybody.


Our team

At TLCC, the real stars are our leadership team and expert trainers. We love what we do. We’re committed to helping you be the best coach you can be, while finding your own individual style. We’re passionate about helping you develop personally and professionally, while building a business that sets you free. And we’re thrilled to guide you on your coaching journey.

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