Advanced Diploma in Leadership, Executive & Peak Performance Coaching

Self-Paced ICF-Accredited Coaching Course

The Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Executive Coaching equips you with the knowledge and skills to lead and manage high performing, dynamic organisations.

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Advanced Dip Leadership & Executive Coaching
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Advanced Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching

Course Overview

About The Advanced Diploma in Peak Performance, Leadership & Executive Coaching

The Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Executive Coaching equips you with the knowledge and skills to lead and mange high performing, dynamic organisations.

Through a combination of face-to-face and online training, you'll learn how to step into an organisation and work with employees or leaders to create effective teams.

In addition to advanced Master NLP training, this course will also cover Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in groups and Behavioural Profiling (DISC) in the workplace.

What You'll Learn

21 Days of Face-to-Face Training + Online Learning

To obtain your Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Executive Coaching certification, you will be required to undertake a combination of face-to-face and/or online training at your own pace, in conjunction with online and practical coaching assessments.

The face-to-face units for the Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Executive Coaching include:

  • CM001 - Coach Mastery (2 Days)
  • ACM001 - Advanced Coach Mastery (2 Days)
  • NLP003 - NLP Practitioner Training (7 Days)
  • LC 001&2- Leadership Coaching 1&2 (4 days)
  • HYP002 - Certified Hypnosis Training (3 Days)
  • HPT001 - How to Train a High-Performing Team (1 Day)
  • EIT001 - How to Train an Emotionally Intelligent Team (1 Day)
  • DISC001 - DISC Profiling Coach Training (1 Day)
  • CMS001 - Coach Marketing Summit (1 Day)
Advanced Diploma Leadership & Executive Coaching Face-to-Face Training
Peak Performance Coach Graduate

On Completion

Start Your Own Coaching Business

On completion of the Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Executive Coaching, you will be able to work with groups, organisations or executive teams to improve performance and cultivate excellence.

With a thorough understanding of contemporary executive and leadership challenges, you will be well-positioned to help clients and/or teams:

• Uplevel their leadership skills to be more effective in their roles
• Build confidence in their strengths through different leadership styles
• Develop better communication strategies; and
• Help them to manage boundaries effectively

You will also be provided with the framework and confidence to create, package and sell various coaching programs to your clients through comprehensive sales and marketing training. A website template will be built for you, so you can begin actively attracting clients online as soon as you have finished the Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Executive Coaching.

When you enrol in the Advanced Diploma in Peak Performance, Leadership & Executive Coaching, you will:

Receive Hard-Copy Course Materials

All of your Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Executive Coaching course materials will be delivered physically to your address within the 7-10 business days of your enrolment.

Get Instant Access to Your Online Learning Portal

Our online learning portal has over 200+ classes on Personal Development, NLP, Hypnosis, Positive Psychology and Business for you to sink your teeth into.

Have the Opportunity to Experience Coaching as a Client

One of our certified coaches will personally take you through a 12-week coaching program so you can see first-hand how our successful coaching models can help you (and future clients!) achieve change in any area of life.

Gain Access to our Private Facebook Group

Our Facebook Group has over 1,500+ life coaches within it, which means you'll be surrounded by an incredible community of like-minded and passionate people. They're there to support your goals, champion your dreams and celebrate your successes. 

Interact with our Experience Trainers Daily

Each weekday, you can jump onto a live group coaching session with one of our certified trainers to gain a variety of personal development, business, marketing and coaching skills.

Partner up with a Coaching Buddy

To help embed your learning and practice your coaching skills, you'll have the chance to team up with another new student to coach one another, provide encouragement and guide each other towards mastery.

Trainer & Student

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wonder what the career paths are after completing a coaching certification at The Life Coaching College, the answer is - endless! Many of our students have gone on to big things. Some work with CEOs and executive leaders worldwide, while others have built profitable six-figure businesses on their terms. Many have also authored books and led packed international training sessions. Just take a look at some of the inspiring stories of our graduates here:

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What Our Students Say

"I love the environment of The Life Coaching College, and when we are together for trainings, there is a feeling of being lifted up. The energy is just incredible."

Fred Panise

Fred Panise
Student at The Life Coaching College

"I love the fact that all of the courses at The Life Coaching College are built around face-to-face trainings because it means you are meeting like-minded souls and making very good friends. Everybody is so supportive of each other."

Becky English

Becky English
Student at The Life Coaching College

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