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Question: Hi Coach, I am currently working through the Marketing Modules and I am just wondering who do I contact to get my website started? Or what are the first steps?

Answer: To get your website started, please fill out this form here. This will send a notification to the Marketing Team at The Life Coaching College to let them know that you are ready to have a website template built for you. You'll also be instructed on how to set up hosting for your website and how to get a domain name. 

Question: Hi. I am interested in creating an online micro continuity 12-week program for a group of clients, at least 10 people, however, the more the merrier.... (does there need to be a limit on the number of participants, and if so, why? and how many? and how do I attract them?)

My niche is still undecided, I am currently thinking of being a generalized coach in many areas, however, I feel most confident in mindset, self-talk, and transformation through changing negative beliefs and thinking patterns to more positive and empowering ones, for success and overall happiness and fulfillment in life.
So how do I promote and advertise this to a target audience when I feel that anyone with a pulse could be under that category?

My question is, how could I market myself as a coach who specializes in mindset transformation, and how could I sell this as a group program, while still allowing my clients to get personalized support to help them with their individual pain points/problems?

Would I create a program with an in-depth look into human behavior and how our perception is projection, and then offer individual support through a phone call to each client once a month? I just feel overwhelmed with choice, and I would love to narrow down exactly what I need to do to create a group program that enables not only groups but also individuals to transform..
Or would I be better off just doing one-to-one sessions for individuals and narrow down a more specific group program in one area, for example, physical health?

Thank you, and I hope my question makes sense 🙂

Answer: A 12-week program is a great place to start to generate more income in your business!

I'd recommend looking at the Marketing Monday lessons on "Niche" as being a generalized coach can cause many roadblocks in attracting clients. The more of a generalist you are, the harder it is to build rapport and connection with a specific audience.

Firstly I'd challenge you to come up with a group of people you LOVE working with and focus on their particular needs. Remember your Niche is the people you market to; they are not only the people you work with. I think this solves your question about promoting and advertising because you are too general in your approach (i.e. anyone with a pulse), and that is why you are clouded with your direction to move forward. The more focused you can, the clearer the solution will become. 

When it comes to your online program model, there are four key areas I believe you need to at. This includes 1:1 coaching, group coaching, 24/7 content (e.g. videos, recordings, worksheets) and community (e.g. a forum or Facebook group). You can create blended packages this way that leverage your time, create more value and allow you to tailor components to each client. For example, I provide a Facebook group support with my clients, an online portal with lessons, a 1:1 call once a month with weekly accountability calls and masterclasses for my group coaching clients.

My general recommendation to new coaches is to start with 1:1 as it is effortless to set up. You can learn a lot about your clients and their pain points and goals from 1:1 coaching and can then build your group program in the background.

In summary, from what you have mentioned, I think the biggest key to unlocking your next steps is to narrow your Niche. If the perfect client walked in the door right now, who are they? The more aware you become of who that ideal client is, the clearer you will become on what marketing and coaching model will work specifically for them. And then, everything will flow from there.

If you would like further coaching on this, I'd recommend jumping onto the Marketing Mondays & Business Mentoring sessions that happen online every Monday at 7 pm AEST. 

Question: I just wanted to know what are the steps in starting my business? And what steps should I start with first?

Answer: Thanks for your question! Firstly, I'd love for you to join the Business Mentoring Online Sessions that I run on a Monday at 7:00 pm AEST. These sessions are part of your course, and you can ask all of these questions live on a call with me.

The first thing you need to look at is getting an ABN, so you can charge clients. You can do this online, and it only takes about 10 minutes. Before this, you might want to decide on a business name, but I recommend using your name to get out there and start coaching if you are unsure.

We also recommend you get Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. At The Life Coaching College, we partner with Therapysure where it is only $177 for one year, plus 3 extra months free. If you're interested in this, head to the Facebook Group and search for the term "Insurance" to find the deal!

Then, it's time to get out there and coach!