Becoming A Life Coach – By Charmaine

Just as a boat leaves a wake behind it, we all leave a trail behind and this trail is what I was on the path to change through life coaching. As I looked back over my life, what did I see? What did it mean? I saw a lot of ‘I’m gunna’s’ and not a lot of ‘I did that, I gave them that’.

In five year’s time when I looked back, what did I want my trail look like? My trail to this point in time was created from my choices, actions, decisions, language, selfishness and so much more that I was not even aware of.

I wanted to change my trail and that meant doing something I had never done before – undertaking the study of life coaching.

Essentially, becoming a life coach has meant that I can now choose to think differently and be more intuitive to what is best for me.  Yes, being a life coaching is all about your client, but for me to have a more in depth understanding of the impact I was having on my clients lives, helped me focus on what I wished to achieve in my own life which meant clarity.

A little way into my life coaching journey, I started thinking about and loving all the connections I had already made with my clients that I had worked with over the previous months and what that now meant to me. I feel now that each time I take on a new client, I know that they are investing in all of the education and experience I have gained over the last 12 months to make myself and my business reputable.

As a coach I get to remind clients daily of their strengths, how to feel better about themselves and give valuable feedback on their thoughts and behavior which support them in moving forward. The focus being on positive change, stating – this is where I am now, what do I want next? This is the journey I have been travelling myself.

People often think of success in terms of how we compare to the people around us.

Do we have more money, more prestigious jobs, better physiques or greater reputations?

If so, we may consider ourselves to be successful, if not, we may berate ourselves and feel as though we have underachieved.

I have realised that my success isn’t how I compare against everyone else, but how I compare against who I was a few years ago and what that means to me now.

Have I changed my trail?

Have I learned new skills?

Have I made a contribution to those around me?

I am extremely confident in my choice to leave my previous full time job to concentrate on my new coaching career and it has meant that I can see and hear the laughter of my kids through my office window more often these days, as I now work part time from home and feel content with where I have chosen to base my business from. I love what I have now chosen to do for a living.

Charmaine B

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