A Useful Guide For Becoming a Life Coach in Australia

Life coaching combines practices from consulting and therapy to help people. It’s an opportunity for you to support people through significant life transitions.

If you are considering life coaching, Australia offers you the perfect starting point. It is one of the fastest-growing markets for life coaching.

As demand increases, it’s also an opportunity for you to earn a decent income.

As a coach, you will:

  • Pursue and fulfil your passion for helping people.
  • Grow as an individual  as you help others.
  • Earn an income often above the national average.

What Does the Work of a Life Coach in Australia Entail?

What Does a Life Coach Do?

As a coach, you will often analyse a client’s situation and customise a strategy targeted at their problem.

Your work will include delving deeper into an issue to identify its root cause. After that,  you will introduce your client to the tools needed to address the issue. Over time, you will adjust the tools and/or addnew tools to help your clients grow.

This requires a lot of honest conversations. 

Generally, your duties will vary depending on:

  • The clients you’re working with
  • The coaching niche you choose
  • The age and needs of your clients; and 
  • The amount of time you have with the client.

As a coach, you can expect to take on duties such as:

  • Meeting with clients to understand their needs and goals.
  • Developing strategies and plans to help address the client’s needs.
  • Tracking the client’s progress and creating progress reports. 

Who Does a Life Coach Serve?

With the right coaching certification, you will work with a variety of clients.

Sometimes you’ll work with individuals, other times you’ll work with teams.

Some of the services you will offer as a coach include:

Individual and family services – You will support individuals and families through transitions. You might even help them navigate conflict. This might involve helping them reconcile. In extreme cases, you can help them accept the need for therapy. 

Vocational coaching – Clients making career changes will need a life coach. Your work will include motivating them to take a risk and providing moral support.

Corporate coaching – Big companies will always need the services of a life coach. In such a setting, you will support people individually and within teams. You might help with cultural changes, change management or wellbeing.

Private agencies – While coaching in Australia, you can work with private agencies. They often need life coaches. Here, you will often work with other coaches, counsellors and lifestyle consultants. You can work individually or on team projects together.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Work as a Life Coach?

While working as a life coach, you will need an internationally accredited certification, which can help you:

  • Gain international accreditation: Most clients prefer working with a certified life coach.
  • Network with other coaches: This gives you a better understanding of the industry.
  • Access mentorship: The best certification programs will connect you to a mentor.
  • Learning coaching business skills: As a coach, you will need to make an income. Most programs will help you find clients and create a sustainable business model.

Some of the life coaching courses you can access  in Australia include:

Practitioner of Coaching

This is a foundational coaching course to introduce you to the world of coaching. It is perfect for entry-level coaches or people who would like to transition to coaching.

You can access it online or through face-to-face training. You can choose a full-time option or part-time training.

Diploma of Life Coaching

This course equips you with everything you would need to run a life coaching business.

Included in the course, you will receive:

  • 15 days of face-to-face training.
  • 12-months of training and business support to help you set up a coaching business.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification.
  • Conscious Hypnotherapy Certification. 
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification
  • Access to a coaching industry marketing summit.
  • A pre-made website template to help kick off your business. 
  • Access to coaching resources.

Master Practitioner of Coaching

This is an extensive course guaranteed to take your coaching career to the next level.

In this life coaching course, you will gain access to:

  • 45 days of in-person training and online training for up to 24 months.
  • Niche training with an opportunity to experience different niches. You can choose your preferred niche over time.
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification
  • Perks from the other courses above.

Are You Interested in Starting a Life Coaching Career?

Many people who work with a life coach speak highly of the value they receive.

This has led to an increase in demand for life coaches. More people in Australia acknowledge the value of a life coach in their life. 

As you become a life coach, you can venture into different niches as per your interests. 

As you grow your coaching career, you will need additional training.

Getting the Right Training

If you are considering coaching for life, you should get training and accreditation.

The Life Coaching College offers a variety of programs to get you started. 

Programs from The Life Coaching College support you at different stages. Whether you are starting out or looking to become a master, there is a course for you.

All the programs cater to different needs, but the Master Practitioner of Coaching offers the most comprehensive training. It is the one course that can prepare you for any coaching challenge thrown at you.  If you’re ready to impact lives, one at a time, check out The Life Coaching College today.

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