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What is Coachflix?

In a nutshell, Coachflix is like a 'Netflix for Coaches'.

It is an all-inclusive webinar streaming service that allows you to watch and engage in a variety of live group coaching sessions, every weekday, with our world-class trainers. 

With unlimited access to a range of incredible self-coaching content, you'll be able to learn as much as you want, wherever you want and whenever you want.


Who Can Join Coachflix?


Anyone Curious About Life Coaching

If you're curious about becoming a life coach but not ready to make the jump into a life coaching course, then Coachflix is the perfect starting block.

Anyone Wanting to Coach Themselves

If you're looking to make sense of your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and results, then Coachlix is right for you.

Anyone Wanting to Improve Their Skillset

If you want to add the skills of coaching to your current role or position, then Coachflix can support you in achieving your professional goals.

Existing Life Coaches

if you have already completed a life coaching course, but are looking to attract more clients, confidence or world-class coaching skills, then Coachflix can guide you.

Why Should You Join Coachflix?

What You'll Learn in Coachflix


Through a combination of live coaching, one-to-one coaching, video courses and live discussion calls, you'll learn how to:

Gain confidence, determination and self-empowerment

Take control of your own transformation

Accomplish your personal or professional goals faster

Process emotion and create more energy

Market your coaching business & attract new clients

Ease anxiety, stress, worry and boredom

Face your fears and take action anyway

Uncover your passion & true purpose in life

Topics Covered in Coachflix

Each weekday webinar on Coachflix will contain a different learning theme to help support your coaching journey. Topics include:


Learn the secrets to attracting your ideal coaching clients and closing more sales.


Be guided through various coaching models which will allow you to transform your own life, as well as others.


Discover new techniques and exercises to help you create a more balanced life.


Uncover proven strategies and tips to help you build resilience and thrive in all aspects of your life.


Learn insights and exercises to help you face your fear and take action anyway.

Connect with People Like You

When you join Coachflix, you'll also get the opportunity to join The Life Coaching College's private group on Facebook.

With over 1,500 life coaches in the group, you'll be surrounded by an incredible community of like-minded people and passionate coaches.

They are there to support your goals, champion your dreams and celebrate your successes.



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