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The Life Coaching College's Best Selling-Books

From inspiring real-life stories to proven coaching strategies that will help you to discover your authentic self, these life coaching books, written by Glen Murdoch, CEO & Founder of The Life Coaching College, are a must-read!

How Becoming a Coach Changed My Life 

This book tells the short stories of 28 Life Coaches who have taken the road from Victim to Victor. It is a raw account of their struggle toward becoming a Life Coach and leading a life of passion and contribution.

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So You Want to Be a Life Coach?: A Guide for Anyone Looking To Become a Life Coach 

Life Design: The Steps to Create Your Ideal Life

Glen Murdoch

About Glen Murdoch & The Life Coaching College

With over twenty years of experience within the coaching industry as a mentor, coach, and teacher, Glen is passionate about helping others turn their lives around in just weeks.

He has written numerous books on Leadership, Business Coaching, Life Coaching and Personal Development; and has founded multiple businesses as a successful entrepreneur.

This includes The Life Coaching College, which has four locations across Australia and provides internationally accredited coaching programs to thousands of people looking to become coaches.


The Life Coaching College is Australia's leading provider of training for the coaches of the future, and is miles ahead of the competition. Together with a high quality range of expert trainers, who are leaders in their respective fields, the College provides value for money like no other, thanks to the vision of its Founder, Glen Murdoch.

Avalon D'Abreo

Avalon D'Abreo
Student at The Life Coaching College

"Glen and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced coaches and teachers with beautiful authenticity. So much support through all the training and in applying it practically. What an amazing tribe to be part of!"

Fleur Vickers

Fleur Vickers
Student at The Life Coaching College