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Become a Certified Leadership And Executive Coach

Build a fulfilling career helping your clients realise their full potential in their professional lives with this comprehensive Specialist Coaching Certification.


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Who this program is for

If you’ve been looking for a business coach program that could help you be more successful when coaching your team, or if you’re already a coach and looking to further your skillset - this could be the perfect course for you.If you’re passionate about any of the following - download a course guide today.

  • Support emerging and established leaders
  • Help your clients create strong professional relationships
  • Develop all-star talent
  • Nurture high-potential employees and team members
  • Help people realise their full potential professionally (and by proxy, personally)
  • Drive up performance and productivity in your clients (and their companies)
  • Cultivate excellence
  • Create high-performing teams that get incredible results

Then this program could be for perfect you. You can either use it to kickstart your career as a professional coach, or add these invaluable skills to your existing role.

Our graduates are working within schools, surgeries, sporting clubs, corporate, small business, entrepreneurship, start ups, and more!

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to help your clients

  • Uplevel their leadership skills, better understand what good leadership is, and be more effective in their role.
  • Identify and build confidence in their strengths and personal leadership style.
  • Increase the visibility, authority, and respect they receive from their peers, their team members, and the business they work in.
  • Develop better communication skills — so they can build stronger relationships at work, and influence others.
  • Challenge and change the existing behaviours which no longer serve them at work — whether that be procrastination, self-doubt, or something else — so they can be the best leader possible.
  • Manage boundaries effectively.

Sound amazing? It is. Here’s how we do it.

What's covered in the Leadership and Executive Coach Training

First you’ll learn the foundational coaching skills that every master coach needs…


Through this business coach training, you’ll learn the foundations of effective coaching, proven coaching frameworks, practice your skills in person, master the art of powerful questioning, active listening, and so much more.


The heart of all our coaching programs, and something you’ll use in every single session! With these NLP skills under your belt, you’ll masterfully help your clients facilitate positive change, create an elite outcome in any area of their life (in this case, professionally), and overcome learned patterns of behavior that no-longer serve them — so they can reach their highest potential at work, and as a leader.

Then you’ll take the following specialist courses tailored to this niche..

Building effective working relationships is at the core of this  business coach training, and this is the focus of the following three modules — all of which will allow you to coach 1:1 or 1:many.

  • HOW TO TRAIN HIGH-PERFORMING TEAMS — To help optimise performance (applicable to ANY scenario where four or more people work together — including corporate teams, sports teams, small business teams, and more.)
  • EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT TEAMS TRAINING — Same as above! Use this in a variety of settings to improve teamwork, harmony and results. 
  • DISC PERSONALITY PROFILING — DISC is a powerful behavior-profiling tool used by 75% of Fortune 500 companies that will help you AND your clients develop strong professional relationships; build an effective working environment; reduce conflict; and improve performance within themselves and their teams.

Last but not least, you’ll specialise even further with the following online modules…

  • The Leadership Coaching Program
  • Working with Corporate
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mindfulness Coaching
  • Strengths-Based Coaching
  • The Leaders Compass
  • Leadership Values and Vision
  • Leaders — Change for the Better
  • Leadership Coaching for Success

How do we facilitate your success?


THIS is what we’re known for, and what sets us apart from the crowd. We prioritise live, in-person learning because we’ve seen that practical, hands-on experience is what builds confidence and skills better than anything else. You’ll practice coaching with real people, in real situations, and receive actionable feedback from our expert team.


If you have a question about coaching, reach out to our live support team (offering 9-5 support, and a person to call for help and guidance). You’ll NEVER be on your own and stuck for answers. Plus, we have an active Facebook Group packed with over 1,000 coaches all around the world (and growing), providing ongoing support and accountability


We call our online training platform ‘Netflix for Coaches’ … and it covers everything from Foundational and Advanced Coaching Skills to Marketing to Personal Development, and it’s available to you anytime. You’ll get access to over 200 hours of expert training at your fingertips, for life.


We’ve searched far and wide to assemble a Coaching and Training team that will not only help you become the best version of yourself, and create a career that you adore — but teach you how to help your clients be the best version of themselves, too.  We want you to be proud of there you studied to become a coach, and our team and trainers reflect that.


After your first four days of training, you will have a proven coaching framework you can use to start working with clients immediately. This is scripted 12-session program, so you’ll know exactly what questions to as, when — meaning you can build up your coaching confidence and client results fast.


 So you can enrol now pay later.

Our coach trainings in action

"It’s a community of people who allow you to be yourself"


"The College was like a beacon of light"


"I could finally see what the problem was"


"‘The College changed how I view the world’"


"‘I have grown my coaching business to earn $200,000 a year’"


""A lot of the pieces just came together.""


Why train with us?

Coaching is a $3 billion USD per year industry worldwide — and according to the Harvard Business Review, the average rate for an Executive Coach is $500 an hour, making it a really sound career path to pursue when you get results.

(Which is what EXACTLY this specialist coach training program teaches you to do). One of the main elements of our Leadership Coaching Model is developing strong professional relationships through genuine communication and understanding.

Our Leadership Coaching program (and all the tools and skill-sets you’ll learn to apply and leverage) is designed to help individuals understand themselves better, and understand others better — which in turn enables them to build more effective working relationships.

This increased understanding of yourself, and your colleagues, leads to reduced conflict and improved performance.

When it comes to building high-performing teams, and effective leaders, our focus is on the impact of each individual’s behaviour profile — and looking at how the collective of personalities can work together to drive performance.

The combination of NLP with DISC is a very powerful one, as you will come to see.

Why train with us? Well, our approach at The Life Coaching College is based on decades of coaching experience.

We run over 500 coach trainings across Australia each year; we’re the only Coaching School offering training in four states: Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland; and we’ve trained over 15,000 members in the last 10 years (and growing).


Download our complete course
guide here

Enrol in the Advanced Diploma in
Executive & Leadership Coaching now


How long does the Leadership and Executive Coach Certification take to complete?

This program contains over XXX Hours Of Live In-Person Training and Online Content — and you’ll get lifetime access to all courses, trainings and content. It should take between X-XX months to complete, depending on your chosen schedule. But the best bit is, you can start working with clients almost immediately. No waiting to graduate before you can start coaching and making money.

Is it ALL offline and in-person? What if I cannot make all the LIVE sessions? 

The Diploma of Life Coaching offers a blended learning environment — which means you will have access to online classes via the Student Learning portal AND in-person trainings.

To make you the best coach possible, you will have 13 live training days as part of your Diploma Program. These trainings are flexible to fit in with your schedule and run periodically throughout the year, mostly on weekends

Our unique blend of online and in-person training is designed to give every single student the chance to fit in their coaching education around their busy schedule. (We know you all have more going on in your life than just studying!)

Download a course guide here to see what training elements you can take online, and what MUST be done in-person — then book a call with one of our enrollment specialists. Together we will make sure that your course is set up to suit YOUR life, hours and location.

Where are the LIVE sessions held?

We offer our signature in-person trainings in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

No matter where you’re based in Australia, you’re highly likely to find a comfortable and convenient training location to receive your coach training under the expert-eye of our trainers. Download the complete course guide to see our training locations.

What Professional Accreditations do I get if I do this course?

  • Practitioner of NLP accredited by the NLP Association of Australia 
  • All Hypnosis Training accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

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