Diploma of Life Coaching

Course Overview

The Diploma of Life Coaching utilises a combination of face-to-face and online training to teach you everything you need to establish a sustainable coaching business.

It is ideal for anyone looking to create their own thriving coaching business while also developing skills to transform their own life.

Recognised by the International Coaching Federation, the Diploma of Life Coaching will cover the 12-Step Coaching Model, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis. Emerging as a certified NLP Practitioner, you'll also recieve comprehensive sales and marketing training so that you can sell and deliver powerful coaching sessions from anywhere in the world.

Diploma of Life Coaching



Delivery Mode

Blended (face-to-face & online)


12 months


$9,997 (interest free payment plans available)

Course Details

To attain a Diploma of Life Coaching Certification, students will be required to complete:

  • 15 days of face-to-face training in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth
  • 80 hours of online training

Face-to-Face Course Units

  • CM001 - Coaching Mastery (2 Days)
  • ACM001 - Advanced Coaching Mastery (2 Days)
  • NLPT001 - NLP Training (7 Days)
  • HFC001 - Hypnosis for Coaches (3 Days)
  • CMS001 - Coach Marketing Summit (1 Day)

Online Course Units

  • ICF001 - ICF Core Competencies
  • NLP001 - Introduction to NLP
  • GC001 - Group Coaching
  • HCS001 - The Heart of Coaching
  • GS001 - The GROW Model
  • MKT001 - Coach Marketing
  • OMKT001 - Online Coach Marketing
  • CMB001 - Coaching & Business Mindset
  • BC001 - The Business of Coaching
  • MT001 - Motivation Training
  • AT001 - Author Training
  • PPS001 - Positive Psychology
  • TQW001 - The Quantum World
  • LOF001 - Law of Attraction
  • PT001 - Profiling Tools
  • SC001 - Self Coaching 

All students in the Diploma of Life Coaching will also have full access to Coachflix for free (usually valued at $297 per month). Coachflix is a webinar streaming service that allows you to watch and engage in a variety of group coaching sessions, every weekday, in real-time, with our world-class trainers. 

On completion of the Diploma of Life Coaching, you will be ready to utilise your coaching skills in both employed and self-employed environments. With the confidence to help clients either within a 1:1 or group setting, you will learn how to:

  • Master the art of powerful questioning and active listening
  • Facilitate change and create elite outcomes in any area of a client's life through NLP techniques 
  • Help a client overcome trauma and past patterns that no longer serve them; and 
  • Reframe a client's thoughts and feelings into positive change through Conscious Hypnosis. 

You will also be provided with the framework and confidence to create, package and sell various coaching programs to your clients through comprehensive sales and marketing training. A website template will be built for you, so you can begin actively attracting clients online as soon as you have finished the Diploma of Life Coaching. 

The Diploma of Life Coaching is recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Students who complete the Diploma of Life coaching can claim Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). These hours can be applied towards individual credentialing with the ICF.

The American Board of Hypnotherapy accredits all Hypnosis training, and the NLP Association of Australia accredits all NLP training.  

In addition to our Student Support Team, you'll also get the opportunity to join The Life Coaching College's private group on Facebook.

With over 1,500 life coaches in the group, you'll be surrounded by an incredible community of like-minded people and passionate coaches.

They are there to support your coaching goals, champion your dreams and celebrate your successes. 

The Diploma of Life Coaching is $9,997 to complete.  All students can select from two different payment options, including:

Pay in Full:

If you pay for the Diploma of Life Coaching up-front in full, you'll benefit from a 10% discount off the total course fee. When you pay in full, we don't have to spend extra money on administration for tasks such as payment plan processing. Instead, we get to pass this saving onto you in the form of a discount. 

Interest-Free Payment Plan:
You can pay for your course in weekly ($100 p/w), fortnightly ($200 p/f) or monthly instalments ($430 p/m). By paying in instalments, you can schedule your payments around your regular outgoings and get ahead without breaking the bank. The Life Coaching College payment plans are interest-free.

Important: If you have already completed the Practitioner of Coaching course, you will not need to pay an additional $9,997. You will only need to pay the difference between the two courses ($5,000). 

Not sure which life coaching course is right for you?

Book a call with a Course Advisor to get some advice about which course is best for you and receive answers to any other questions about studying to become a life coach.


Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do you need to be a life coach?

If you want to become a life coach, it is essential to seek training from an ICF accredited program. Coaches who have ICF credentials belong to a self-regulating community of elite coaches who ensure accountability to their clients, as well as the coaching industry overall.

To improve your chance of success, consider ICF accredited programs such as a Life Coaching Diploma or a Masters with official certification

How do life coaches get paid?

The work of a life coach revolves around one-on-one or group coaching sessions with clients in person, over the phone or on the web. . Some coaches create courses that they sell to clients. They include them in the package services they offer. A life coach can get paid by the hour or by a set program fee. 

How do you become a life coach in Australia?

Becoming a highly successful life coach in Australia can benefit you both financially and emotionally. You can do so in three easy steps:

  1. Get a coaching certification.

Is certification really necessary to be a life coach? Yes. Choose one with an internationally recognised accreditation such as the International Coach Federation which is the gold standard for professionally trained coaches around the world. 

Be cautious of any company that ONLY offers certificates from their own company. Check for a list of all the coaching schools the governing body certifies first. 

  1. Choose a niche of life coaching you are interested in.

You need to determine what kind of coach you want to be. Specialising in a particular field will build your confidence and knowledge. Try it out for three months then reassess your progress. 

  1. Start a coaching business.

Congratulations! It's time to start your business. Pick out a business name and create a website to market your services. Make sure to also get insurance for your business. 

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