Becoming an NLP Practitioner

I would like to share with you my learning & life changing experience i had last week. Attached is some words of wisdom that I took & that are very special to me & would like to share with you “Restudent be noticed, feel great, feel loved, be wonderful most importantly BE yourself (me!)”

So as most of you know I stepped up to the plate by advancing my skills in life coaching a goal that I had set & now have achieved it truly is a wonderful feeling reaching your GOAL! Below is how the week went so enjoy……..

Day 1 b the student- so I walked into the room with my student hat on which to me meant absorb everything, learn new skills, & ask questions if you are not sure. Did become student? Yes but only to a degree looking back now I walked in with the wrong hat on but you will find out later as to why.

Day 2 the sink in- the student is still present & the skills were starting to sink in, but something was missing in the room I had taken everything on but not allowing myself (Bee) to enter the room until…….

Day 3 the demo- The student on this day was left out the door & the time was right to now bring in Bee. This is when the pivotal change occurred I volunteered for a demo for one of the techniques we were learning. It was to change a habit I had that I disliked my mind was opened the key to the door was unlocked this day is we’re the REAL journey begun.

Day 5 realisation- a couple of days passed learning was still happening but Bee was completely in the room the student was left way at home & don’t forget the key to something in my mind was opened but did not know what it was before today. Leaving day 5 I caught the train home had some self thoughts “Was I good enough to do this was this all over my head I am really that confident? Bingo day 5 realisation!

Day 6 & 7 the rest is history- from day 5 onwards the mind gate was totally wide opened the last few days I became not only the student or bee but something that was bigger than myself. I have never learnt so much about myself it was just an experience that I will never forget.

Looking back on the week it taught me that when you jump into the unknown, new chapter, or taking a new path in life it is not just about being the student or learning something new it is also about bringing yourself above & beyond the barrier. I could sit here & go on & on & on about last week but some moments & experiences should be kept within. One thing I will lastly mention is the people I meet last week they are what made the week unforgettable they were just people when I first walked into the room but now they are a person to me friends were made & moments shared to you that were in the room with me Thank you for being you & allowing me to be me!

So now this week I have been using the new tools that I have learnt & have become a part of me & wow what a hell of a week totally awesome the journey has totally begun & is already fun!

Till next time

Bee Wakelin
A practitioner in NLP & Matrix Therapies your Coach your Goal

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