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Want to Become a Certified Relationship Coach With Australia’s #1 LIVE Coach Training School

Discover the fastest way to help your clients thrive in relationship. (Even if you don’t have any previous coaching experience.)

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Relationships are the cornerstone of a successful life. 

Yet so many people struggle in theirs.

As a Certified Relationship Coach, you will be able to help your clients be the best they can be in their relationships, while doing the same for yourself — and crafting a brand new career that is both fulfilling and financially lucrative.

Not only that, but you will have the freedom to create your own schedule, enjoy an uncapped income, and positively impact not only YOUR life, but the love lives of your clients too.

Are you passionate about helping your clients to diffuse drama or conflict, and build resilient, loving and nurturing partnerships?  

Then this program could be perfect for you.

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When you train in Relationship Coaching with The Life Coaching College, you’ll have robust skillsets, tools and systems to help your clients:

  • Create thriving, functional, elite relationships.
  • Reinforce positive patterns of thought, speech and behavior in partnership.
  • Explore their feelings and communicate more effectively in their relationship.
  • Overcome conflict and drama in their marriage, or partnership.
  • Navigate the dating scene with strength, resilience and confidence.
  • Better handle stressors without taking it out on their partners.
  • Model the romantic relationships they want, so that they can take their partnership to the next level.
  • Enhance trust, intimacy and connection within their relationships.
  • Take responsibility for their relationship and feel empowered they can change.

And so much more!

This program will equip you with coaching tools, NLP skills and techniques to confidently create excellence and positive transformation in the relationships (and lives) of your clients.

Who is this course for?

Any one who wants to learn proven and effective coaching tools and systems they can TRUST to get incredible results. Anyone who wants to train as a Coach, and specialise in Relationship Coaching — whether that be for sex and intimacy, dating, couples, marriage, singles, or something else! Anyone who wants to help their clients to realise their full potential, and live their happiest and most successful lives.

Are you ready to kickstart your brand new coaching business — and experience more freedom and deep fulfillment in your work?

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More about the Life Coaching College Australia

Our approach is based on decades and decades of coaching experience. We’re known for our powerful in-person trainings — with expert teachers and trainers — designed to uplevel your coaching skills and confidence, fast.

We run over 500 coach trainings across Australia each year; we’re the only Coaching School offering training in four states: Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland - and we’ve trained over 15,000 members in the last 10 years.

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