Overcoming Concerns:

A Guide for Prospective TLCC Students

Navigating conversations with your partner (or other important people in your life) about your decision to enrol at The Life Coaching College (TLCC) can be challenging. This guide is designed to help you address common objections the important person(s) in your life may have with confidence.

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1. Concern: The Cost of the Program

(Eg – “Is this program worth the investment?” / “Can we afford this?”) This concern is totally normal. It’s essential to be on the same page about big financial decisions.  Here are some key points to discuss with your partner to address concerns about the cost:

2. Concern: The Time Commitment

(Eg – “How long will it take for me to finish? / “How will this fit into our schedule?”) Time is our one non-renewable resource, so it’s natural to want reassurance about this. Here’s how you can explain the flexibility and time efficiency of the TLCC program:

3. Concern: The Effectiveness of the Program

(Eg – “Will this work?” / “Will you actually be able to make a career of this?). It’s 100% natural for a partner to want reassurance that your choice to become a coach with TLLC is a prudent path. Here are a few things to share with them to help allay this concern.

4. Concern: Do I really Have To Attend Training Face-to-Face?

(Eg – “Is it really necessary to travel for training?” / “Can’t you find something pre-recorded or virtual?”) Attending live  training can be a point of hesitation. Here’s how to reassure your partner about the convenience and options available with TLCC:

5. Concern: Researching Other Schools

(Eg – “Why TLCC over other coaching schools?” / “What makes TLCC the better choice?”) Choosing the right coaching school is a big decision. Here’s how to highlight the unique advantages of TLCC to your partner:

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