How Becoming A Coach Changed My Life

Want to become a life coach but unsure if it's the right career for you? Download a free copy of "How Becoming a Coach Changed My Life" to:

Hear the stories of 28 inspirational coaches 

Understand the journeys they took to become a life coach; and 

How coaching led them down a pathway of incredible growth and insights.

How Becoming a Coach Changed My Life

When students begin their coaching journey at The Life Coaching College, their mindset is so focused on how they can change the world by working with clients, but they never think about how the process will change them. This book, written by Glen Murdoch, is full of those stories.

In particular, you'll hear short stories of 28 life coaches who have taken the road from victim to victor. It is a raw account of their struggle toward becoming a life coach and leading a life of passion and contribution.

And we hope their journeys, their honesty and their raw approach inspires you to take the next step to join this incredible and life-changing industry.

Some of the coaches you will hear from within this book include:

Glen Murdoch

Learn more about the first moment Glen Murdoch, Founder of The Life Coaching College, discovered the concept of coaching and personal development and his personal mission to change the world one person at a time.

Carolina Alta

Learn more about how after Carolina Alta survived breast cancer, she drove her focus towards making big attitudes in her life and helping others to do the same.

Rob Parkinson

Learn more about how life changed dramatically for Rob Parkinson after becoming a Leadership Coach, from constant frustration to sustainable fulfilment.

Rebecca Gray

Learn how Rebecca Gray discovered the missing puzzle in her life by becoming a coach and how she now uses her skills to be help other women become the best version of themselves.

What our Students Say

"Coaching has given me the passion that I have been seeking for years and something purposeful that gives back to the world. It has given me the clarity I need in life and every time I get off a coaching call, I feel a deep sense of accomplishment that I was able to help another person in some way."

Sherrann Ross

Sherrann Ross
Master Practitioner of Life Coaching Student

"Coaching has positively changed every aspect of my life. It has set me up to be the best that I can be and to leave a legacy for which I'll be proud. I have new friends, new skills and amazing opportunities to keep learning, developing and making a difference to others."

Allan Young

Allan Young
Master Practitioner of Life Coaching Student

How Becoming a Coach Changed My Life

So, what are you waiting for?

Download your free copy of "How Becoming a Coach Changed My Life" below. And, by doing so, you will have taken the first step towards a career that offers personal growth, stimulation, financial stability and, most importantly, a friendly community of fellow travellers who support and stand by you every step of the way!