Life Coaches: Importance of Retain Client Retention


One of the failings of businesses of all types is the failure to nurture existing clients. Businesses are so intent on finding new clients they forget the power of their existing client base.

Life coach clients disappear not because they have no further need for their life coach, but because the life coach fails to serve them properly.

Of course, apart from the ethical responsibility achieved by extending further services, by retaining clients the life coach is cutting costs and increasing revenue. By employing a strategy to retain life coaching clients, a life coaching business can see income triple while costs dissolve.When a life coach believes the job is done at the end of a course of one-to-one coaching, life coaching clients are being done a disservice. Significant value is only given when life coaching and associated services are offered and given over elongated periods.

Here are three key areas where you should focus your client retention strategy:

1. Focus on existing clients

   • Thank them for their business

After every coaching session or course, ensure you thank your client. This can be achieved with a simple email or card, or perhaps a small gift. If you value your client, they will value you.

     • If you commit, then do

Whatever it is you promise your client, make sure you do it. Whether that is to phone, send an email, or supply information, you must follow through on your commitment. Doing so helps to build trust, loyalty, and respect.

     • Market to them

An existing client whom you have treated well and done a great job for is more likely to work with you again. Marketing to your existing clients should take most of your marketing efforts, time, and resource.


2. Make sure your service is personal

     • Connect with your clients

As you build the life coach/ life coach client relationship, make an effort to connect on a more personal, but professional, basis. Find out about their likes and dislikes, aspirations for the future, and their life in general. Deeper connection makes for deeper satisfaction.

     • Communicate regularly

Ensure you keep in touch with your clients. It is one of the most powerful life coach client nurturing tools available. Of course, send birthday wishes; but even more important, and having made a personal connection, make sure you keep in touch with other main events in their life (good luck wishes prior to job interviews, for example).

And, on a more general basis, newsletters are a great client retention tool.

   • Be consistent

Treat all clients the same, and with the same level of service that you would expect. Be professional at all times, and remain honest. Show humour and restudent that the client wants to enjoy working with you. Make your life coaching fun, and your clients will want to stay with you.


3. Focus on added value

     • Share resources

Clients love free gifts, especially when they are pertinent to your working relationship. If you’ve recently read a good book, then let your life coach clients know. If you know of a great accountant, lawyer, or business coach that will help your clients achieve their goals, then pass on those details. Client specific research, tools, or reports tell the client that you have their interests at heart always.

You might also consider partnering with other businesses. A free session at a local spa, or a discounted session with a personal trainer, is a great giveaway that always goes down well. Such joint ventures present wonderful mutual benefits.

     • Go the extra mile

By going further than your client expects and exceeding your obligations, your life coach client will feel obligated to you. Gratitude goes a long way.

     • Make yourself a resource for life

Make sure your clients know that you are available for them at any time, and throughout their life. Then keep in touch with them regularly. They won’t want to find another life coach: it will always be you they seek out.


Make sure you look to the future

In order to achieve your goals of retaining your life coaching clients, you’ll also need to maintain a positive and forward looking approach to your career. Learning new skills, methods, and techniques should be a part of your business plan and budgeted for. Take the best life coaching courses available and you’ll find the benefits your clients receive helps create their long lasting loyalty.

Finally, always ask for feedback and then act on it. Ask for suggestions as to further services and your current offering. A request for feedback like this solidifies the esteem in which you hold life coaching clients.

When you focus on the three areas highlighted above, you’ll be focussing on client retention. And when you do that, your business will grow exponentially.

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Glen James Murdoch

Glen Murdoch is the founder and CEO of The Life Coaching College. He has a long history of working with Athletes and Teams as a Performance Coach and Analyst and has developed Australia's number 1 Life Coaching Program - The Advanced Diploma in Coaching.