How to Get a Life Coaching Job

A survey by the International Coach Federation ranks Australia highly for coaching compensation. Coaches make an average of AUD $104,000 annually.

From the 2016 Global Coaching survey, there is a lot of growth expected in this job type.

But, the survey emphasised the need for accreditation and certification. These will benefit anyone interested in life coach jobs.

If you are looking for full-time life coach jobs, you will enjoy studying with an accredited institution.

Today, you will learn more about how to get a coaching job from any location.

Finding Opportunities in Life Coaching

Your job as a life coach will vary. Often, you can operate from any location. This means you can search for work locally or collaborate with an international team.

What Jobs Can a Life Coach Do?

Your daily tasks will include one or a combination of the following:

  • One-on-one consultations.
  • Facilitating team sessions.
  • Designing programs for clients alone or as part of a team.
  • Public speaking.
  • Business development to stay on top of any news or job alert.

Most coaches struggle with business development more than most other tasks. As a coach, you can get clients by:

Developing Your Portfolio

The more you work, the more people know about your work.

Focusing your energy on delivering quality boosts your portfolio. Once you have a few clients willing to share their testimonials, leverage them to grow your business.

Some resources you can leverage for new jobs include:

  • Social media adverts
  • Free webinars to familiarise people with your services
  • Public speaking opportunities, even unpaid ones

Finding Consulting Companies

As a coach, you can work with different coaching or consulting companies in Australia.

Consulting providers employ coaches from different niches. Their primary role is connecting coaches to existing opportunities.

Consulting companies offer both full time and part-time opportunities to coaches. Often, they serve as a natural  starting point for new coaches.

Accessing Corporate Consulting Opportunities

Companies will often hire coaches to help them with specific aspects of the business. You can get jobs for this search with a robustprofessional network.

In such cases, they will conduct a search through a public announcement. Often, they will ask coaches to submit proposals from any location.

Most corporate opportunities require you to work with a large coach team. This may require you to work on a retainer.  You get to work with the company for a few months or even years.

Creating A Winning Resume

Your resume as a life coach will borrow a lot from a traditional resume.

But, you might need to customise it to highlight your experiences with clients. 

The Basics of a Life Coach’s Resume

Unlike a traditional resume, you must be intentional in highlighting the client experience. For example, you can replace the ‘references’ section with actual client testimonials.

Additionally, you need to provide more context.

Your resume should highlight ‘problems’ the client was facing. You should follow this up with a ‘solution’. Always emphasise how your services helped resolve the problem.

Your resume should highlight:

  • Your credentials as a coach. This should include industry certification and accreditation.
  • Any publications where you share your expertise in your niche.
  • Any mentions or profiles in local and international publications.

Getting the Life Coaching Opportunity of Your Dreams

Life coaching is fast growing in Australia.

The only way for you to stand out is through your reputation and qualifications.

The right training earns you the respect of your peers and clients.

The first step to finding a job is taking a course at Life Coaching College.

Our Master Practitioner Coaching Program is the best investment you can make. Regardless of your sign-up date, you will:

  • Get over 24 months of support and mentorship from any location.
  • Receive guidance on building your website to help with your search for clients.
  • Associate with the best training institute for coaches in Australia.

If you’re ready to earn your credentials and grow your business, sign up here.

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