Light the Candle of Hope

Learn to Light the Candle of Hope:

An old man was planting a seed of a tree, at the road side. A mall boy seeing the old man digging a hole asked him, what are you doing? The old man replied, “I am planting a seed, so that it will grow in a big tree”. The boy said, “Of what use it is to you”? You will die even before it becomes big. The old man replied, “Son it is not for me. It is for everyone who will walk this road. This tree will give them shade and fruits”. The old man has lit a candle for everyone. An unconditional service, where there is no gain for the old man but for the others.

Any unconditional service for the benefit of an individual, community, society, organisation or country will light a candle of hope for millions.

A smile to someone who has a bad day will enlighten his hopes to carry on. A simple happy quote will make a person happy.

A lending hand to an old senior will give you the joy. Listening to someone who had a night mare of a week will help him to exhaust his emotions.

Teach and offer help to someone who wish to make money. Give him free advice and also physically help him wherever you can. Help others to do those things and help them fulfil their wishes, of whatever you expect to achieve. Help someone to reach his goal and you will attain the goal you wished for, this is the secret of nature. The law of nature. The sea does not hold on to its water. It lets it go to form clouds, so that the land and other beings can benefit from it. The sun gives light with all its might so everyone can use it.

Tasting a new recipe and appreciating it, even if you do not like it will build new hopes and dimensions to your partner’s morale.

Appreciating the drawing your child has sketched, will help grow his self-confidence.

Holding your daughters hand and knowing that you are always with her will keep her secured and safe.

Honest Communication on a day to day basis will make a strong foundation in relationship.

Being your son’s coach in his field of interest will help boost his confidence to do newer experiments. The attitude of “I can do it will be developed”.

Try to share your knowledge and expertise with the juniors and teach them the tricks of the trade. They will restudent you for a long time. It will save a lot of their time to gain knowledge and experience.

Always restudent to light a candle within you, the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Act yor smile, dance in the bathroom, sing a song, and thank the creator for a beautiful day and to keep you alive to see it. Love yourself, embrace yourself, and joke with yourself. This feeling is going to spread like a virus throughout the day.

Remember, every day is your Birthday. The first day of your remaining life. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Appreciate and give positive insights whenever and wherever you can. This practise will keep you aware of your attitude and will also light a candle of hope, love, happiness, peace in other people’s life.

Small and trivial looking efforts to help and share are the important steps towards achieving our happiness.  The moment you light a candle in someone’s life, it is birthday for them. So celebrate as many birthdays as you can every day. The people, events are all ready to grant you with these opportunities. Do not let them go by. Love every moment as this will glow the light of happiness within us that makes it possible for us to see the darkness.

Raj – Master Coach Student


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