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Looking for an accredited life coaching course in Perth?

Look no further! At the Life Coaching College, we provide accredited life coaching courses in Perth that can help you achieve your dreams of becoming a competent and qualified life coach. Some of the accredited life coaching courses we offer include:

Practitioner of Life Coaching

The Practitioner of Life Coaching provides you with the foundations of becoming a successful coach and attracting your first clients.

It is ideal for anyone seeking an introduction to coaching with limited time to study or for those wanting to develop their coaching skills for their current career. Our courses are flexible enough to suit your needs so if you are currently working, this is one of the best options for life coaching courses in Perth.

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Diploma of Life Coaching

The Diploma of Life Coaching gives you everything you need to establish a sustainable coaching business and be a transformational coach from anywhere in the world.

The course covers the 12-Step Coaching Model, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. The NLP training is accredited by the NLP Association of Australia, and the American Board of Hypnotherapy accredits our Hypnosis Therapy training. You will have a website template built for you and the opportunity to attend a marketing summit as well as sales and marketing training.

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Master Practitioner of Life Coaching

The Master Practitioner of Coaching is one of the most extensive coaching courses in Perth as it encompasses all of the previous courses into one incredible course. It allows you to work with a variety of potential clients in a range of niches and provides you with the greatest possible opportunity to grow your coaching business.

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Already a certified life coach and want to uplevel your coaching skills?

Alongside these coaching courses, The Life Coaching College offers options for those expanding their skills in specialised areas. Whether you want to use this knowledge to further assist your existing client base or you’re hoping to add a specialised offering to your repertoire - we have a course for you.

From leadership coaching to relationship and kids coaching - you’re sure to find a specialised coaching course that’ll help you take the next step in your career. Take a look at our selection of specialised coaching courses in Perth to kickstart the next phase of your life coaching journey.

Is your life coaching course right for me?

If you have a natural affinity for helping others unlock their true and full potential, then our life coaching courses may be for you. With our courses, you can learn tools to create change in your own life - as well as others.

Or perhaps you have an existing business and want to add another income stream? If you’re looking for a career change, know that a business or life coach can be a very rewarding choice.

For those in management or leadership roles, a life coaching course could help to empower your team through the best coaching training. Adding another set of skills to your toolbelt is always a good idea.


Download a Course Guide

Interested in learning more about what we have to offer? Download a free copy of our comprehensive 2022 Course Guide to:

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Internationally Recognised Coaching Courses in Perth

The Life Coaching College is an accredited education provider by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). ICF is the world’s largest organisation of trained life coaches and aims to advance the life coaching profession across the globe. This means that we have the highest accreditation possible in coach training and our students are trained to the world standard.

All of our trainers are also accredited with either the NLP Association of Australia (NLPAA), the American Board of NLP (ABNLP), or the International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IANLP).

Our Learning Difference

At The Life Coaching College in Perth, we're passionate about fostering student success through experiential learning. Our approach to training encourages students to actively practise the skills we teach, which enhances your knowledge and skills.

With hands-on practice, you will improve your problem-solving skills and retention of relevant information. Experiential learning also gives you a clear understanding of your future career and what to expect as a life coach.

In all of our coaching courses in Perth, we combine theoretical coaching models with hands-on practical experience, so you can gain the skills and confidence you need to create your own successful life coaching business.

We also prioritise face-to-face learning because we believe this is the best way to accelerate your knowledge. In every training session, you'll be able to pick the brains of our world-class trainers, build relationships with other soon-to-be-coaches and practice coaching with real people and real situations.

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Study Life Coaching

Study Life Coaching While You Work

At The Life Coaching College, our blended learning experience allows you to study around your work and life commitments. Our online training will enable you to study wherever and whenever you like, and some of our face-to-face training takes place over weekends.

If you are in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Melbourne, choosing to study online will allow you to plan your study time around your daily tasks.  So, if you're already working part-time or full-time, you don't need to put everything on hold while you study with us.

Trusted by 2,300+ students, choosing The Life Coaching College means choosing resilience and balance in your life. Not only will you be able to help others, the skills learnt will significantly improve your quality of life.

What Our Students Say

“It was that block learning that appealed to me at The Life Coaching College: you learn a subject, you gain a certificate, and then you move on to the next subject, which means that pretty much from your first week of training you can start a coaching business.”

Jim Cocks | Master Practitioner of Coaching Student | Read His Story

"In the first 10 months of setting up my coaching business, I earned $100,000 and now I am routinely earning double that amount each year. You can be making $100,000 a year as long as you put into practice what you learn and stay focused and disciplined."

Mark Hamawi | Master Practitioner of Coaching Student | Read His Story


"I love the fact that you are given so many materials through the course, so when your first box arrives, you've got workbooks, you've got scripts if you need them, and you have all of the tools to go out there and coach."

Becky English | Master Practitioner of Coaching Student | Read Her Story

"The sincerity and knowledge of the trainers at The Life Coaching College has left a lasting impression on me. Watching them teach, you could tell that they actually live the life they were speaking about, they practiced what they were teaching."

Matilda Wand | Master Practitioner of Coaching Student | Read Her Story

"The friends that I have made at The Life Coaching College is incredible. I have classmates that are now dear, lifelong friends, and I don’t think I could have gotten that from a college that was purely online.”

Nicole Davenport | Master Practitioner of Coaching Student | Read Her Story

“The other advantage of The Life Coaching College is that they are really big on helping you to not only become qualified, but to market your business and put yourself out there, and I think that’s often a missing gap for people once they become a certified life coach.”

Cindy Drake | Advanced Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching Student | Read Her Story


Frequently Asked Questions

Our coaching courses cover everything you need to know about coaching and mentoring. After the competition of our short courses, you will have all the necessary tools and knowledge to implement life coaching to your clients.

Upon completion of our coaching courses, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the nature and principles of coaching and mentoring
  • Apply proven coaching and mentoring approaches to support clients, such as mindfulness exercises, guided imagery, and goal visualisation
  • Gain the skills and confidence you need to create your own successful life coaching business
  • Incorporate emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills into your mentoring

You can start coaching people immediately after you have completed your first face-to-face training. For others, they may prefer to have some practice sessions for a couple of months before they begin charging clients. It really depends on your own pace and confidence.

Yes, our life coaching courses in Perth will provide you with a complete range of skills, including how to get coaching clients.

If you are a student at The Life Coaching College, you can contact our friendly team on 0424 278 522.

Our life coaching courses are a combination of face-to-face and/or online learning. They are designed this way to accommodate students and their busy lifestyles. Whatever style of learning you prefer, know that we can help.

Yes, we have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth and can assist you in these cities.

Launch your coaching career today

Becoming a life coach can be hugely rewarding, both personally and financially. Not only do your clients benefit from your training, but you can also apply all of your life coaching education to your own life to achieve personal goals.

Take the first step in the journey to becoming a qualified life coach and make a positive influence on the lives of others by booking a call with a Course Advisor below or submitting an enquiry here to get started.