What Does an Australian Life Coach Salary Look Like?

Coaching for life sounds like a dream job. Inspiring clients to work through a range of issues must be so fulfilling, right?

But the real question is, can a coaching business fully sustain the life of a coach?

Well yes, at least that’s what Matilda Wand, our coaching college graduate has to say.

“I made back triple my course investment in 6 months — which I think is AMAZING!”


Let’s Talk Accreditation: What Are the Requirements to Be a Life Coach?

The right life coach training significantly increases your salary range. Then accreditation seals the deal.

With the International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification, you’ll make more than an average coach. This is because you’re considered the best in your field.

Life coaching is a generally unregulated industry, so there’s no fixed fee on how much you can charge a client.

So how much do life coaches make? Let’s start with a brief look at what the coach life entails.


What Does a Life Coach Do Exactly?

The coaching experience involves working with people to achieve their desired goals. This could be in niche areas like health, relationships and addiction recovery.

Life Coach Tasks

Life coaches usuallyperform the following tasks:

  • Work with clients to identify their needs and set goals.
  • Employ the best tools like Hypnosis and Emotional Intelligence training.
  • Keep a record of reviews and skill assessments for future reference.
  • Identify the best resources the client can use to achieve their goals.

Coaches tend to work independently. They’ll either charge a session per hour, per month or based on a pre-existing package.

The salary is influenced by several factors, such as:

  • Their fee
  • The number of sessions per client
  • Their number of active clients
  • Extra income from speaking engagements and products such as courses

What Is the Average Salary of a Life Coach?

Being self-employed, life coaches get to determine their own rates per session. Many try to go big, charging about $150 to $650 per hour. 

But the average pay for coaching per hour is AU$79.33, according to Payscale.

The average life coach salary in Australia can add up to AU$60,000 annually. Going as high as AU$300,000 for coaches in the corporate sector.

Corporate life coaches usually charge about $500 per hour. So they can expect to get monthly reimbursement ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. This all depends on the number of coaching sessions they facilitate.

Life coaches stand to earn very lucrative salaries depending on:

  • Their training
  • Work ethic
  • The number of ongoing clients

 Life coaching can be the best of both worlds; you get to earn money while making a positive impact on people’s lives. It is a very enriching experience.


How Will You Find a Job as a Life Coach?

Finding consistent work largely depends on your niche. Here are three relatively easy areas to get started in:

  • Career advising with recruitment agencies 
  • Corporate team building
  • Personal coaching for peak performers such as executives

To access such lucrative positions, your credentials need to be pristine. This is why cheap can be expensive when it comes to life coach training. A reputable institution gives you more leverage when applying for jobs.

So The Life Coaching College is your safest bet. Enrol into one of our thorough courses, and we’ll equip you with everything you need to get a life coaching job.

Now It’s Time…

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