Life Coaching Courses in Melbourne

None of us are born perfect, and we’re all constantly learning. But so few of us look for help in the right ways. If you want to be a healthy individual then you would seek the services of a health coach. If you plan on starting a business or you would wish to see your business increase in sales, then you would hire a business coach. If you wish to boost your productivity on a daily basis, then you can seek the services of a productivity coach.

But what if you’re looking after something deeper? Many of us grapple with issues that are only symptoms of some underlying challenge that we’re yet to conquer. From a lack of motivation in work to difficulty connecting with others, these challenges can hamper our ability to lead our fullest lives.

It’s for this reason that life coaching courses – also referred to as personal coaching – have gained so much popularity. People want to improve their productivity, their health, and their business, but they also want to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Life coaching offers this opportunity, helping people look past the surface of their lives and building something better from the ground up.

Life Coaching Courses

When looking for a life coach, you should seek one familiar with disciplines such as psychology, positive adult development, sociology, career counselling, mentoring, and NLP, as these are the most widely recognised techniques within the industry. Modern personal coaching was first started by Benjamin Karter who was a college football coach and later turned into a motivational speaker.

What does life coaching include?

Simply put this is a practice that aids individuals to be able to identify and even achieve their personal goals. The coaches use various techniques and tools so as to help you achieve your own goals. The way this works is that you pay the coach and you speak on the phone for thirty to sixty minutes.

The amount you are charged and the services that are offered will vary depending on different coaches. The main duties of this coach are sharing advice with you, offering direction, aid you in making plans and they should hold you accountable for all the actions that you take on a day to day basis.

For which situations can life coaching be applied?

A broad-reaching discipline, life coaching offers support across a wide number of areas. Budgeting and finances, personal growth and spirituality, lifestyle, self-care, health, aging, intimacy and relationship, small business development and entrepreneurial, career growth and planning, parenting, and family are some of the areas that personal coaches are certified to cover when dealing with their clients.

Life coaching is paramount and it is quite long-lasting, therefore you will not just be paying for a short period of time that you will be coached by your coach. It has very long term benefits and you are paying for something that will give you a permanent shift. Good personal coaching does not come cheap but it is worth every dollar that you put in. Before settling for a coach, make sure that you have done your research thoroughly and settled for the best since there are so many of them.

At The Life Coaching College, we pride ourselves on offering a broad range of coaching courses in Melbourne that are designed to help everyone achieve their full potential. Whether you’re looking to grow professionally or personally, we can help you reach your goals.

Life Coaching Courses


Become a life coach in Melbourne

Want to become a life coach yourself? We can help you achieve that too. We offer a variety of personalised programs that you can either take online or attend in person depending on your preference and flexibility. On completion of the program, you can acquire a diploma or a certificate and begin your new career.

If you’d like a complete review of the reasons why you should become a life coach – as well as information about the range of options you have on your way to becoming a practitioner – view our courses today. You can also download our complete guide to becoming a life coach.


How do you become a life coach in Melbourne?

First and foremost, you will need to have a passion for helping others and an English language proficiency equivalent to a 6.5 IELTS. Then, the next step for you is to enrol and complete one of our accredited life coaching courses in Melbourne. Browse through our workshops and select the one that best suits your skillset and level of experience.

Which is the best life coaching course?

The best life coaching course is one that helps you tap into your own unique and special gifts, as well as offers the right training, support, and guidance to help you drive others. At The Life Coaching College, all of our courses will help bring out the best in you. Become a qualified life coach by studying a life coach course in Melbourne today.

What qualifications do you need as a life coach?

While there is no formal training required by law to become a life coach, there are a few ways to boost your qualifications in the eyes of potential clients. In fact, 81% of coaches say that clients expect their coaches to be certified so, to qualify as an accredited life coach, you will need to have completed an ICF-accredited coaching course.

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