Low Confidence Is Your Arch-enemy (And the 5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence)

Confident coaches are successful coaches. It’s because confidence prepares you to face challenges and grow a successful life coaching business.

Confidence is one of the most important requirements for success as a life coach.

When you’re low on confidence, you will constantly battle negative thoughts and emotions. Keeping your coaching practice alive and afloat could even be tough and difficult. And if you don’t address this, success will be far from you. 

In contrast, if you have a high level of confidence, you won’t cower in fear and procrastinate whenever you face challenges. Instead, you’ll take the necessary actions that will help you conquer them. Confidence will help you steer your life coaching business through difficult periods and emerge successful and victorious. 

But how can you boost your confidence as a life coach?

Keep reading because you’ll learn five ways to do just that in this article. Ultimately, they’ll help you build a successful life coaching business. 

The 5 Ways

Way #1 – Understand Your Problem 

The biggest step anyone can take in solving any problem is to first acknowledge and then understand that problem. 

It’s the same when your confidence level is involved.

See, when you refuse to set up your website, hire a VA, or do those things that will make you successful as a life coach, chances are that you’re avoiding doing them. 

Now, you may think it’s because you can’t do them. But the real reason is that you’ve got a confidence issue, so you procrastinate. And oftentimes, procrastination stems from a feeling of inadequacy. 


When confident people are faced with obstacles and don’t know how to overcome them, they ask questions. They read manuals and watch tutorials on how to solve those problems. 

But when an insecure person faces those same problems, they’re more likely to curl up in a ball. They can even distract themselves with things like TV and social media. Ultimately, they procrastinate. That’s why they fail to do the necessary things that will ensure their success. 

But once you acknowledge your low confidence and understand it, you can start working on it. You can inspire yourself to take action.

And by taking action, you’ll then boost your confidence.


Way #2 – Believe That You’re Confident

Let me tell you one secret that will immediately raise your confidence level:

Successful coaches don’t necessarily know more than unsuccessful ones. 

They’ve simply learned how to use effective techniques to build and rebuild their confidence. And one of their techniques is telling themselves that they are confident. 

They do this on a consistent basis and with time, they start believing that they’re confident. This helps them to push through doubt. It also enables them to take needed actions so that they can be successful. 

Needless to say, when you tell yourself that you’re confident…

And you start believing that you are confident…

You will be confident. 

Way #3 – Achieve Goals

Success is a confidence booster. Therefore, having achievements is another way to boost your confidence levels. 

That said, let me share a few examples that are quite easy to accomplish:

  1. Getting your accreditation badge 
  2. Getting your first ebook published
  3. Getting a website done 
  4. Creating a web landing page for a campaign
  5. Getting your first client 
  6. Building a list of your first 10 clients
  7. Coaching a client and changing their life

You see, it doesn’t have to be a major achievement. It can even be as little as following up with one potential client a day, going to the gym, or going for a walk. 

In fact, plan to achieve three things each day: one small task, one of medium difficulty, and one that’s a slightly difficult task or something you usually procrastinate about. 

And then, once a week, add to your list of tasks a project or a big task. Make sure that this is in an area where you’re deficient. 

For instance, you could be brilliant at helping clients but be insecure about financial matters. So, you end up undercharging or giving out your services for free. You can do one big task related to it so you can develop yourself in that area.

The key is to try to achieve little things on a daily basis. These achievements will help you build competency. And by being competent, you’ll become more confident. 

Way #4 –  Associate With The Right People

If you hang out with chickens, you’re going to cluck. And if you hang out with eagles, you’re going to fly.

That means if someone in your life is negative, they’re going to have a negative impact on you. They’re going to drain you of your energy, and your confidence. Your best course of action is to stop associating with them. 

The same goes for negative clients – stop associating with them.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should get rid of challenging clients though. However, if a client continuously complains and refuses to take your recommendations, for example, they’ll just drag you down with them. 

The best thing you can do for such clients is to tell them upfront that they’re wasting their time and money. But keep in mind that this will either jolt them into action or make them angry. 

Either way, you’ll have a massive monkey off your back, and your energy level will soar. This will, in turn, boost your confidence level. 

Way #5 – Examine Your Clients’ Results

Finally, thinking about the results you’ve achieved with past clients can also raise your confidence level. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to boost your confidence. 

So, focus on the great results you’ve achieved with your clients. Don’t obsess over clients who didn’t do the work you recommended. Instead, think about those who did the work and reaped the rewards. 

When you do that, you’ll discover that you’ve made those people happy. After all, with your help, they’re improving their quality of life. You’re helping them lead better lives and they’re achieving their goals. 

Realising these successes is a powerful source of inspiration. It can help you gain your confidence back whenever you need it. 

Boost Your Confidence, Build a Successful Life Coaching Business

One thing is clear:

Confidence plays a vital role in the success story of every life coach. 

If you lack confidence, you won’t be able to take the actions that will lead to your success. 

But when you’re confident, you will procrastinate less. You’ll be inspired to take action and be a better life coach for your clients.

So, how can you boost your confidence level? 

A good starting point is to follow the five ways discussed in this article. Doing these things will get rid of fear and feelings of inadequacy that are often associated with low confidence. 

Additionally, a big part of doing our courses at The Life Coaching College is learning the tools that allow coaches to have confidence whenever they want it. These tools can help you raise your confidence level, which will help you build a successful career as a life coach. 

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