Master Hypnosis for Coaches (MHYP001)

Delivered: Face-to-Face in Melbourne, Sydney. Brisbane or Perth
Duration: 6 Days (48 Hours)
Pre-Requisites: 3-Day Certified Hypnosis Training (HYP002)
Price: $6,000

Learn advanced hypnosis concepts and techniques.

Discover the realms of language patterns, therapeutic metaphors, hypnotic selling techniques and more.

Uncover how to help your clients overcome a variety of problems with specific hypnosis interventions.

Certified Hypnosis Training

Overview of the Master Hypnosis for Coaches Training

Building on existing skills learnt in HYP002, this unit will look at advanced hypnosis concepts and techniques across six days.

You will be taken further into the realms of language patterns, therapeutic metaphors, hypnotic selling techniques, rapid inductions, regression techniques and persuasive and mental process changing. You will also learn numerous specific interventions
for helping a wide variety of specific problems which your future clients may come to you with.

Learning Outcomes:

A demonstration of the ability to identify the following basic skills, techniques, patterns and concepts of Master Hypnosis and to utilise them competently with self and others will be required:

Deep self-hypnosis & instant self-hypnosis for complete mind control How to pre-introduce and do a group hypnosis Questions for manifesting a prosperous life
Conscious mastery over standard hypnosis Group hypnosis for smoking, weight management, stress and pain management Belief core and law of attraction luck
Affirmations for courage and action Meditation intelligence, Jacksonian-Hypnotic meditation and conscious meditation Hypnotic health
Presuppositions of the subconscious mind Spirit hypnosis Using conscious hypnosis for cancer and diabetes
Conscious pillars of power Peace and resonance hypnosis Hypnotic relationship paradigm
Subconscious subset evolution Conscious hypnosis coma state Hypnotic infertility, IVF, pain-free childbirth and premature ejaculation control
Vibrational consciousness Subconscious somnambulism Self-hypnosis and meditation for group work
Instant conscious-hypnosis Internal and external cleansing

Delivered by World-Class Hypnosis Trainers

Dee Jay Jackson

Dee Jay Jackson
D J Jackson is an established trainer, mentor, coach, author, and international speaker. His work speaks for itself through the many thousands of clients he has helped in more than 25 years of practice. D J is also the creator of Conscious Hypnosis, Conscious NLP and NAP Therapy™ an amazing technique to communicate consciously with the Subconscious Mind. D J Jackson is a working clinical hypnotist based in Melbourne, Australia. Apart from his therapy work, he is a much sought after speaker and speaker trainer. D J delivers workshops in many countries all throughout Australia and Asia.

Jo Jo Jackson

Jo Jo Jackson
Jo Jo Jackson is a Master Trainer of Consciousness and co-creator of Jacksonian Mindset Philosophy. Jo Jo is an experienced international trainer in 3 languages. She brings 'Joyology' mindset training into attention. She 's creative, has a strong attention to detail and brings a wealth of femininity to the training room.

Upcoming Training Dates

NLP Practitioner Qualification

Training Costs

The Master Hypnosis for Coaches Training is $6,000 to complete with training books included.

Alternatively, you can enrol in the Master Practitioner of Life Coaching for $20,000 & receive the 6-Day Master Hypnosis for Coaches PLUS:

  • 2-Day Coach Mastery Training
  • 2-Day Advanced Coach Mastery Training
  • 7-Day NLP Practitioner Training
  • 9-Day Master NLP Practitioner Training
  • 3-Day Certified Hypnosis Training
  • 2-Day Kids Hypnosis Training
  • 1-Day How to Train a High Performing Team Training
  • 1-Day DISC Profiling Coach Training
  • 1-Day How to Train an Emotionally Intelligent Team Training
  • 1-Day Relationship Coaching Training
  • 1-Day Kids Coaching Training
  • 2-Day Parents Coaching Training
  • 6-Day Public Speakers Training
  • 1-Day Coach Marketing Summit

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Feedback from Other Students

What an absolutely life changing 6 days! Words cannot even begin to explain it. I am extremely grateful to Dee Jay and Jo Jo Jackson for this outstanding training - it was incredible to be a part of!


Colette Whelan
Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

Wow, what a ride the past 6-days have been! The energy, the love, the lessons, the life long changes that were created, shared and experienced were priceless and a gift that I will be forever grateful for. Every conversation, hug, tears, smiles and every bit laughter shared will be with me, and a part of who I am forever.


Melissa Jones
Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

I was privileged to be a part of this training for an incredible week of hypnosis with an amazing group of people. It was by far the most profound experience I have had in a training room. The students were incredible, the trainers were amazing and the experience and insight that I have gained from attending this class is beyond words. If you're thinking about doing Masters of Hypnosis and are still sitting on the fence - climb down and sign up for this training - it will change your life!


Sean Street
Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

Thank you Dee Jay & Jo Jo Jackson for the inspiration, guidance, and immense learning in this training! And for creating a safe and positive space to practice, connect and grow. I am SO excited to use the new tools and approaches we learned with my clients to help them live a happier and more fulfilled life.

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Evelien Scherp
Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

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