Energy Coach Training
Bali, Indonesia.. July 5-8 2019
Four Day Outline
Days 1-2 Practitioner of Energy Coaching Certification:

This is a two day program that introduces participants to the foundations of energy and whole person coaching.

At the end of the two days they will be able to assess and identify whole body energy blocks and how to clear them. They will have a understanding and practical experience on how the energy systems of the body operate, how that manifests in the physical world and how their clients can assess their whole life to resolve these challenges

The overview of the two days are:

Introduction to energy:

Fundamentals of energy 

What is energy? How does it impact us as humans? Quantum Physics - how do we influence energy and how does it influence us? What does your energy  feel like?  What do other people's energy  feel like?  (This opening session has lots of activities in pairs)

Ethics and code of conduct when working with energy

The code of energy workers? Influence and suggestion. The 5 golden rules and how do you know you are breaching them?

Ensuring your energy is not mixed or confused with your client. Intention vs Ego Your intuition and your ethical commitment.

The body's operating system: Intro to Chakras  

History and how they have shaped modalities (kinesiology, massage, thetahealing, reiki)

Why all energy comes back to chakras and what is the code they hold that we need to access.   Overview of the chakras - this is high level and then we go into each one in depth, including scripts they can use.

Base chakra overview 

We will identify the behaviour of each, what they relate to, how to know when they are blocked and how to unblock them.  This includes EFT (Tapping) scripts. So we will be exploring each chakra identify vows  and beliefs that are blocking. Each participant will be able to experience having the chakra blocked and unblocked and what that feels like.  We will record the tapping scripts on the day so they can have them  to use - this could be recordings that you get and then can use them to build their own and practice with.

  • Sacral Chakra
  • Solar Plexus
  • Heart Chakra
  • Throat chakra
  • Third Eye 
  • Crown Chakra 

Chakra Colour modality - moving energy using the colour and chakra balancing This will include pair work.

Setting up an energy session: (working in pairs and doing three rounds swapping partners)

Wrap up YOUR ENERGY Practice. 

Ensuring the coach/healer is in energetic shape. Understanding tirenedess, nutrition, water and breath.

Bonus activity:  this is something  that Maree does in an evening to help you get a deeper understanding of your chakras and using a dance method (its free dance with eyes closed) using mandala art and journaling. 

Alternate exercise we can do a mindfulness session in the evening about energy tools such as mandala art and how to incorporate, mindfulness  practices that can be given to their clients and grounding exercises that they can have recordings of to use in their practices.

Days 3-4 Master Practitioner Energy Coach: 

This is a two-day program that expands the education of energy from foundations in Practitioner of Energy Coaching program

At the end of the two days students will be able to assess and identify whole body energy blocks using the masculine and feminine framework, utilise and map energy via the chakra system, spiral dynamics and The Hierarchy of change. Be able to identify deeper identity blocks and how to assist clients move through the hierarchy of change using the whole body process.

How to use rituals and coaching circles. Setting up circles and group settings, running retreats and workshops.
Building a community in the energy and spiritual industries.

The overview of the two days are:
  • Ethics and code of conduct and cultural appropriation 90 minutes
  • Energy tools, responsibilities, cultural sensitivity and appropriation - YOUR ROLE and RESPONSIBILITIES.
  • The role of the masculine and feminine and how to know what is in play - 90 minutes
  •  Masculine and Feminine qualities and behaviours. How do they operate in the body. The shadow behaviours and how to work with them.
  • Polarity and how to know what is yours and what is not.
  • Introduction to the DIVINE energy - what is it, how to do you know when you are there.
  • The flow of energy - mapping spiral dynamics, chakras and the Hierarchy of Change.
  •  Why do we use circles?

Rituals, Sacred Circles and leading a group - 90 minutes

 This section is going to include visualisations, journaling and creating their own sacred circle talking stick. What type of energy leader so they want to be? Where do they want to focus, who do they want to work with and how.

Setting a circle: practical exercise 6 groups of five - they will each have a turn of setting a circle in place and calling people in. This will build over the two days so that all students can all run a circle for 15 minutes by the end.

Tools and rituals for sacred circles:

Crystals, Goddesses, Angels and Tarot cards, Mother Nature, Meditation, Grounding Selecting your rituals and creating your first circle

Second Circle practice: 

 This builds on the first circle practice and adds another 5 minutes each to their circle - calling people in, holding space and opening up a topic.

Preparing their final circle: 

 Final circle

 Bonus at evening - Maree will run a circle session for all participants and will go through a couple of varieties so you can see the difference.

TLCC Early Bird Offer

$4000  $3500
Please note a NON Refundable deposit of $500 is payable 1 day after sign up. Payments are made at $500 per month until the total of $3500 has been paid. The payment plan can be completed by following the link below. If you wish to pay in full please contact TLCC direct on 1800424556 to complete your enrolment.