NLP Training at The Life Coaching College

Nlp Framework

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a tool that works to model how success is achieved. Strategies that allow individuals to excel are mapped and used to help others. 

It was developed in the 1970s as a collaboration between Dr Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder.

Grinder and Bandler based this model on the works of Fritz Perls, a Gestalt therapist. They also included theories from Dr Milton Erickson, a hypnotist and Virginia Satir, a family therapist.


What is NLP?

NLP is the study of how successful people think and behave.

It looks at the unconscious thought processes of successful people. It then works to make them tangible for others to use practically.

An NLP certified therapist uses a process of unconscious assimilation. This is similar to a child learning through imitation. A pattern of thought develops and changes the client’s conscious thought process.


Who Uses NLP?

NLP is used by people who are generally unhappy with their habits. They aspire to improve internal communication and achieve their life goals. 

NLP can be applied in many fields, some of which are listed below:

  • Business managers and salespeople

NLP is used by business people to become better motivators, leaders and coaches. Salespeople have also reported improved communication and enhanced negotiation skills.

  • Health (mental and medical)

Studies have shown that the use of NLP improves mental health by almost 50%. Signs of anxiety are reduced, and physical health improves.

NLP is also used to help with schizophrenia and phobias.

  • Education

In education, NLP can create a positive and effective teacher-pupil relationship.

  • Sports

NLP is used in sports to help athletes picture their win and get in the zone to perform at their peak.


Become an NLP Trainer Today

By taking an NLP practitioner course, you can begin your NLP coaching with paying clients.

Life Coaching College is the best place to take up NLP training online.

If you live in Perth, there is a Life Coaching College that offers training within your city. The same applies to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


NLP Training FAQs

What is NLP Training?

At The Life Coaching College, you choose from a variety of courses. One of the most popular is the Master Practitioner Coaching Program.

This is a comprehensive course which combines online learning and face-to-face training.

All our training centres in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane offer world-class training. This will ensure you are well equipped to become a professional NLP trainer.

For more flexible learning, you can enrol in the Diploma of Life Coaching with access to our online learning platform.

How Long Does NLP Training Take?

You can become an NLP Practitioner after seven days of face-to-face training. And, if you really want to master the skills of NLP, you can complete an additional nine-days of face-to-face training. . In addition, there is usually up to 9 months of mentoring and active training with clients.

What is NLP Used For?

As an NLP trainer, you will be able to help your clients increase their quality of life. You can aid patients with extreme fears, anxiety, phobias and PTSD.

You have the opportunity to help clients deal with negative thinking, helping them manage their emotions and habits.

Is NLP Worth Learning?

NLP life coaching is a goodcareer path if you have the desire to understand human communication and emotions.

It is also a way to help yourself deal with the negative aspects of your own life.

Overall, NLP training will assist you in understanding those around you, including family and friends.