Turbocharge your Facebook ROI!

Here at ONTRAPORT, we’ve observed thousands of businesses and have noticed some trends along the way. A trend we talk about quite a bit is the oft-underused opportunity to use affiliates in all marketing campaigns.

Affiliates are your business’s biggest secret weapon: they cast your message far and wide on the web, much further than you ever could single handedly. AND they only become a marketing expenditure as they reach pre-defined milestones, like referrals reached or sales made.

So we asked ourselves: “What platform can be used to encourage affiliate promotion and can be woven seamlessly into your referral process?” The answer was natural: Facebook.

While you probably already have a Facebook business page and are driving engagement, the social media giant has two major limitations. First, your reach is only extended to your fans and friends of your fans. Second, Facebook is a great place for building awareness of your product or services but Likes and Shares don’t always equal sales. Can you put a price on brand awareness? No. But there has to be a way to truly generate and measure concrete ROI from Facebook.

Why not use affiliates in your Facebook marketing? It makes sense: affiliates spread your reach far beyond your existing network and, unlike your Facebook fans, they’re incentivized to drive sales from the links they post. Harness the power of affiliate marketing and turbocharge your Facebook ROI!

But there’s more to affiliate marketing on Facebook than giving affiliates a link to your site and telling them to go nuts. You have to give your affiliates something of value in order for them to be successful in their Facebook marketing. Whether it’s a special feature, value-add to your product or a free piece of content, give affiliates an affiliate-only opportunity to promote in order for them to drive sales the way only they can.

Take Dropbox for instance: affiliates on Facebook were given the opportunity to promote the affiliate-only offer of free extra storage on their platform. Dropbox affiliates killed it; driving tons of sales to the already popular storage site.

Facebook is also a great platform to attract affiliates. Share a link to your affiliate signup page on Facebook. What better way to find people to promote your product than among those that already, well, “Like” it? Post affiliate commissions, milestones and samples of the awesome free content to further entice them and you’ll have an army of raving fans ready to spread word of your product.

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