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Two-day in the room training

The Parents Coaching equips you with the knowledge and skills to support all kinds of family units.

Kids Parents Coaching
Parents Coaching

Course Overview

About The Parents Coaching Course

This is a dynamic 2-day program introducing participants to Parenting coaching utilising the systemic family framework of Virginia Satir.

 As we know Virginia Satir was one of the three fundamental models studied for the development of NLP.  Her model is focused on the whole human being, bringing about transformational change within the individual, family and social systems. It is an experiential systemic model for growth, focused on positive potential, and challenging the awareness of human beings on the expression of self. Self-Esteem is the cornerstone of Satir work.

What You'll Learn

Virginia’s conceptual framework can be summarized in the following five major principles:

  1. Our family of origin, including past generations, has a significant influence on our attitudes and behaviours.
  2. Families are systems and as such seek balance; when that balance is maintained through inappropriate roles, restrictive rules, and/or unrealistic expectations, the members’ needs will not be met, and dysfunction will occur.
  3. The result of dysfunctional family systems is low self-esteem and defensive behaviour, as the basic drive of human beings is to enhance self-esteem and defend against threats to it.
  4. Each person contains all the resources one needs for growth and healthy functioning.
  5. The therapist (coach) and his or her beliefs are the most important tools at his or her command.

Satir viewed functional families as having clear, complete, congruent communication in which there are clear roles and rules to govern family processes.

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On Completion

By the end of this 2-day training, you will be able to:

  • Elicit and understand the role of strategies in family systems, how they develop and what keeps them going.
  • Identify and elicit feelings using sub-modalities for parents as well as children.
  • Assist parents to explore behavioural flexibility- who owns the problem?
    • What strategies can you use if the parent owns the problem?
    • What strategies can you use if the child owns the problem?
  • Demonstrate to parents how to observe children’s behaviour with curiosity about feelings, rather than needing to fix or solve them for the child.
  • Model of communication. Assist parents in exploring their own internal working maps of reality and what parents are making their children’s behaviour mean.
  • Understand the importance of I-messages in helping children succeed in changing their behaviour. Also, why congruence with feelings is important, and how to ensure the two dialogues—words and body language—are congruent.
  • Assist parents in identifying family rules and values.

Together, we will explore the key language patterns, including cause and effect, complex equivalence, and nominalizations and identify how parents can use reframing, metaphors, Milton language and Meta model questions to realign and balance their family systems.

When you enrol in the Parents Coaching, you will:

Receive Hard-Copy Course Materials

All of yourParents Coaching course materials will be delivered physically to your address within the 7-10 business days of your enrolment.

Includes a workbook with:

  • Overview of Satir model
  • Take home tip sheets for parents (Roadblocks to listening; 5 Tips all parents need to know; )
  • List of quality parenting resources – books, audios, family support services
  • Suggested coaching packages

Have the Opportunity to Experience Coaching as a Client

One of our certified coaches will personally take you through a 12-week coaching program so you can see first-hand how our successful coaching models can help you (and future clients!) achieve change in any area of life.

Partner up with a Coaching Buddy

To help embed your learning and practice your coaching skills, you'll have the chance to team up with another new student to coach one another, provide encouragement and guide each other towards mastery.

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If you wonder what the career paths are after completing a coaching certification at The Life Coaching College, the answer is - endless! Many of our students have gone on to big things. Some work with CEOs and executive leaders worldwide, while others have built profitable six-figure businesses on their terms. Many have also authored books and led packed international training sessions. Just take a look at some of the inspiring stories of our graduates here:

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What Our Students Say

“I loved the generosity of the College as they give you all of the tools to go and coach straight away, all the fundamental business resources from the latest marketing knowledge, building your website and all the important paperwork, such as contracts. The College is also accredited by the International Coaching Federation, which was really important to me."

Francinne O'Rourke

Francinne O'Rourke
Student at The Life Coaching College

"I really liked that the College has a strong success rate, with many of the trainers running their own successful businesses. It wasn't just lip service - the trainers were actually practicing and making a living out of what they were teaching.”

Andres Zylberberg

Andres Zylberberg
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