Positive Psychology Program (PP001)

Delivered: Online (Self-paced)
Duration: 44 Hours
Price: $6,000

Grow your practice by adding positive psychology to your professional coaching arsenal.

Master intuitive coaching methods that increase the mental well-being of your clients.

Learn how to operate from a strength perspective and structurally enhance the autonomy of clients.

Positive Psychology Program

Overview of the Positive Psychology Program

The Positive Psychology Program is an extensive online positive psychology curriculum that teaches a diverse range of science-based, effective strategies to structurally improve the well-being of your clients using the latest insights from the field of positive psychology.

This program will teach you how to operate from a strength perspective and structurally enhance the autonomy of clients by addressing eight key domains of well-being: life balance, emotional intelligence, valued living, self-acceptance, strengths, resilience, supportive relationships, and goal achievement.

Units covered throughout the program include

Positive Psychology

This unit introduces the relationship between positive psychology and coaching; and how the application of major concepts from positive psychology can be added into your coaching style.

Maximising Strengths in Coaching

This unit provides you with the latest scientific insights on strengths combined with all the practical tools you need to discover and develop the strengths of your clients in a way that promotes optimal functioning. You will learn how to help clients realise their unique potential; to do what energizes them, makes them feel authentic, and deliver optimal performance.

Coaching Meaning & Valued Living

This unit will teach you how to help clients find meaning and discover their values, connecting them to their ‘why’, so that they can bear any ‘how’.

Resilience Coaching

This unit teaches you how to help clients bounce back from adverse life events by applying resilience practices that are backed up by science. You’ll discover how to the master the six most important pillars of resistance and discover how resilience provides a direct gateway to improving well-being.

Mindfulness Coaching

This unit provides you with the knowledge you need to infuse your coaching with mindfulness practices. You’ll learn more about the ‘8 Pillars of Mindfulness’ and how to teach your clients to become aware of their thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations in a way that they can relate to them non-judgmentally.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

This unit provides you the foundations to help others improve their lives in meaningful ways through emotional intelligence training. You’ll not only learn how to master the six most important pillars of emotionally intelligence, but also how to explain and implement them in your coaching practice.

Coaching Self-Acceptance

In this unit, gain proven-science based practices that will help you support your clients to successfully build a healthy relationship with themselves. You’ll learn how to apply hands-on tools and exercises for increasing self-acceptance and receive a ready-to-go, structured action plan for putting theory into practice.

Coaching Positive Relationships

In this unit, learn the critical principles of relationships that promote human flourishing and gain access to hands on-tools to help your clients discover and invest in social bonds that matter.


Leading Personal Development Trainer & Founder of The Life Coaching College.

With over twenty years of experience within the coaching industry as a mentor, coach, and teacher, Glen is passionate about helping others turn their lives around in just weeks.

He has written numerous books on Leadership, Business Coaching, Life Coaching and Personal Development; and has founded multiple businesses as a successful entrepreneur.

This includes The Life Coaching College, which has four locations across Australia and provides internationally accredited coaching programs to thousands of people looking to become coaches.

Glen Murdoch
Diploma of Life Coaching

Training Costs

The Positive Psychology Program is $6,000 to complete with resources included.

Alternatively, you can enrol in the Diploma of Life Coaching for $10,000 & receive the Positive Psychology Program PLUS:

  • 2-Day Coach Mastery Training
  • 2-Day Advanced Coach Mastery Training
  • 7-Day NLP Practitioner Training
  • 3-Day Certified Hypnosis Training
  • 1-Day Coach Marketing Summit

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