Public Speakers Training (SPT001)

Delivered: Face-to-Face in Melbourne, Sydney. Brisbane or Perth
Duration: 6 Days (48 Hours)
Price: $6,000

Hone in on your ability to deliver speeches or presentations with ease in any environment.

Discover strategies for delivering memorable content that is relevant to your audience.

Master the art of stage presence, humour and charisma to maximise your impact on any audience.

6-Day Public Speakers Training

Overview of the Public Speakers Training

Across six days, this unit teaches you how to become an effective public speaker or presenter to maximise your reach through 1-to-many opportunities in-person and online.

You’ll learn how to overcome the fear of public speaking, how to express your ideas clearly and present through the use of body language. You’ll also discover how to project your voice, vary your tone, engage and build rapport with different audiences and design incredibly crafted presentations for maximum impact.

Learning Outcomes:

A demonstration of the ability to identify the following basic skills, techniques, patterns and concepts of Public Speaking and to utilise them competently with self and others will be required:

Managing nerves Mastering the charisma pattern from stage
The four elements in creating an audience The art of body language using the Satir Categories
Identifying your strengths as a speaker & presenter The business of training
Varying your presenting style Receiving feedback as a trainer
Using visual aids to enhance your presentation Delivering powerful metaphors & professional subconscious introductions
Designing & delivering a professional presentation Managing difficult people in the audience
Naming your presentation Using humour & having fun in presentations
How to structure & develop a workshop

Delivered by World-Class Public Speaking Trainers

Dee Jay Jackson

Dee Jay Jackson
D J Jackson is an established trainer, mentor, coach, author, and international speaker. His work speaks for itself through the many thousands of clients he has helped in more than 25 years of practice. D J is also the creator of Conscious Hypnosis, Conscious NLP and NAP Therapy™ an amazing technique to communicate consciously with the Subconscious Mind. D J Jackson is a working clinical hypnotist based in Melbourne, Australia. Apart from his therapy work, he is a much sought after speaker and speaker trainer. D J delivers workshops in many countries all throughout Australia and Asia.

Jo Jo Jackson

Jo Jo Jackson
Jo Jo Jackson is a Master Trainer of Conscious Hypnosis and co-creator of Jacksonian Mindset Philosophy. Jo Jo is an experienced international trainer in 3 languages. She brings 'Joyology' mindset training into each training. She's creative, has a strong attention to detail and brings a wealth of femininity to the training room.

Upcoming Training Dates

  • All training dates for 2023 are sold out. 2024 training dates will be released in due time.
NLP Practitioner Qualification

Training Costs

The Public Speakers Training is $6,000 to complete with training books included.

Alternatively, you can enrol in the Master Practitioner of Life Coaching for $20,000 & receive the 6-Day Public Speakers Training PLUS:

  • 2-Day Coach Mastery Training
  • 2-Day Advanced Coach Mastery Training
  • 7-Day NLP Practitioner Training
  • 9-Day Master NLP Practitioner Training
  • 3-Day Certified Hypnosis Training
  • 6-Day Master Hypnosis for Coaches
  • 2-Day Kids Hypnosis Training
  • 1-Day How to Train a High Performing Team Training
  • 1-Day DISC Profiling Coach Training
  • 1-Day How to Train an Emotionally Intelligent Team Training
  • 1-Day Relationship Coaching Training
  • 1-Day Kids Coaching Training
  • 2-Day Parents Coaching Training
  • 1-Day Coach Marketing Summit

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Feedback from Other Students

"After this training, I delivered my first live keynote speech and the feedback from the audience was they wanted more - they loved it so much! Thank you to Dee Jay & Jo Jo Jackson for your amazing training and for challenging us to step up and do whatever it takes. If you are considering this training, DO IT! Speakers Training will rock your world!"

Jillian Ramsden
Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

"This is such a powerful training that is about so much more than just speaking! It has become one of the pillars of my coaching business so a huge thank you to Dee Jay & Jo Jo Jackson."

Melissa Jones
Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

"If you use speech in your business then seriously consider this course if you want to up your game. These skills can be used in so many places and Dee Jay & Jo Jo Jackson are heavily invested in helping everyone to achieve results from the training."


Richard Chan
Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

"This training brought together so many puzzle pieces for me! It gave me the blue print to create my own content and pitches for my own workshops and gigs. I am also using the formats learnt to help me write my book too!"


Daniel Beeson
Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

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