So You Want to Be a Life Coach?

Be guided through the steps in becoming a life coach by downloading a free copy of "So You Want to Be a Life Coach" to:

Understand what life coaching is

Discover crucial coaching techniques and models for your success

Learn how to sell coaching packages and become a six-figure coach

So You Want To Be a Life Coach?

Do you ever wonder if there is something else that you are meant to be doing with your life? Perhaps you have a good job that pays the bills, but you dread starting the new work week? Maybe you struggle with confidence or are a fierce inner critic, and you want to learn the skills to change your mindset and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

The good news is you’re not alone.

Since The Life Coaching College launched in 2011, some 2,300+ graduates have taken the leap into the financially and emotionally rewarding career that is coaching.  Many of our students enrolled with similar thoughts to what you may be experiencing right now:
I want a job I enjoy, a life that fulfils 
me, and a more flexible work schedule that allows me to grow while maintaining a work-life balance.

But, if you're not sure how to get started on becoming a life coach - don't stress! Our free book, written by Glen Murdoch, "So You Want to Be a Life Coach?" is full of important information that will help guide you towards getting started in this incredible and life-changing industry.

In particular, this book will teach you:

What is Life Coaching?

The Coaching Process

Second & Ongoing Sessions

Overview of Coaching Niches

Selling Coaching Packages

Coach Training & Certifications

Life Coach Core Competencies

Different Types of Coaching Models

Identifying Obstacles

How to Choose a Coaching Niche

How to Become a Six Figure Coach

Communication Techniques

First Session Basics

Limiting Beliefs and Self Sabotage

Coaching Salary & Career Options

Coaching Tools for Professionals

What our Students Say

"Coaching has given me the passion that I have been seeking for years and something purposeful that gives back to the world. It has given me the clarity I need in life and every time I get off a coaching call, I feel a deep sense of accomplishment that I was able to help another person in some way."

Sherrann Ross

Sherrann Ross
Master Practitioner of Life Coaching Student

"Coaching has positively changed every aspect of my life. It has set me up to be the best that I can be and to leave a legacy for which I'll be proud. I have new friends, new skills and amazing opportunities to keep learning, developing and making a difference to others."

Allan Young

Allan Young
Master Practitioner of Life Coaching Student

How Becoming a Coach Changed My Life

So, what are you waiting for?

Download your free copy of "So You Want to Be a Life Coach?" below. And, by doing so, you will have taken the first step towards a career that offers personal growth, stimulation, financial stability and, most importantly, a friendly community of fellow travellers who support and stand by you every step of the way!