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Adam Tardif

Adam is helping to change the culture of Fatherhood

We love it when our graduates utilise their Coaching skills to go on and make a massive difference in their areas of passion, and Adam Tardif has absolutley done this since  he completed his Master Practitioner of Coaching course.  Adam was appointed as National Engaging Fathers Leader of Dad’s group where they go about changing the culture of fatherhood for the better. Adam and the team at Dad’s group are shifting outcomes for new families across Australia. By promoting positive parenting for men they give new Dads the support and connection they need. Our early intervention approach provides new Fathers with positive social relationships, and easier pathways to health services if they need them.

  • Decreasing risk factors associated with mental illness and suicide

  • Contributing to better child development

  • Increasing family wellbeing

Adam was an exceptional student at TLCC and we are so proud of his progression. In Adams own words “I am inspired and passionate about being part of the solution against gender inequality, both in the fatherhood space and bridging the gap for women in business and sport. I am greatly driven by developing people into leaders to excel in all aspects of life. Every day I have the pleasure of working with incredible people who share the passion of creating cultural change in business and life.”

Congratulations Adam on your wonderful contribution and we are all very proud of you at TLCC.