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Amber Duscher

After my first 4 day training I landed 3 paying life coaching client’s and I have never looked back.

It was January 2020, and Amber knew something had to change. She was 42 with a 4-year-old son working 60 hours weekly in corporate retail. “I just knew something had to change; I was exhausted and miserable.”

I had spent eight long years trying to have my baby. The day my son was born was the best day of my life, yet 11 weeks later, my husband had a heart attack, and I quickly went back from my dream of maternity leave to my senior leadership position and crazy hours.

“I missed his first step; I missed kindergarten functions and all the fun stuff because I had to always be at work as the major breadwinner for the family” “I had looked at Life coaching for many years with interest and loved the idea of the freedom and flexibility to run my own business.”

So, in January 2020, she leapt and enrolled in the Master Practitioner of Coaching Program and quit her corporate role two weeks later!

Then, just two short months later, covid hit. Multiple lockdowns in Melbourne saw us confined to our homes and face-to-face training run between never-ending lockdowns. However, as Amber says, “It was simply the BEST time of my life!”

“I could spend more time with my son, study, attended face-to-face training and coached! In fact, after my first four-day training, I landed 3 paying life coaching clients, and I have never looked back.”

“I have since launched my corporate coaching business, The Retail Sales Coach, which has been phenomenal.

In November last year, I emceed the 29th Annual Women in Leadership summit over two days at The Sofitel in Melbourne with more than 150 delegates and 30 guest participants, which has led to keynote speaking events and more corporate training booked.”

“I am truly grateful to this amazing college and the trainers, students, and friends I have met along the journey!”