Heather Murray

Heather Murray

"Heather helps over 1000 clients!"

I currently work with over 30 clients per week, helping them with a range of problems including anxiety and gambling, drinking, smoking and drug addictions.  As of November 2017, I have stopped 911 people from smoking.  I have also hypnotised 1639 people from all walks of life including bikers and doctors, for various problems they’ve been experiencing.  By consistently helping my clients get great outcomes, I have recently teamed up with cardiologists to help their patients improve their health prior to having surgery and also in recovery.

I’m earning 6 times the amount I used to as a personal trainer and gym staff member.  The Life Coaching College’s student loan was one of the things that enabled me to do the course and make the shift into Coaching and excel in my business.

The Hypnosis components of the course were my favourite.  It was so enjoyable to learn because the way it was taught was easy to process.  The Life Coaching College is friendly and supportive.  I’ve met great friends who have remained with me through the start and scaling of my business. I could help people in my role as a personal trainer but now I get to help many more people on a daily basis and I have the work-life balance I always wanted.

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