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Kosta Nikolaidis

After just one of the sessions in my NLP Training my life changed

Kosta became a psychologist to understand himself better and to learn how the mind works. He dedicated himself to working with trauma but found that this was taking a toll on him and after a chance encounter he decided to study coaching with The Life Coaching College.

It was during his NLP training that life changed for Kosta,  after doing timeline, things that were weighing me down since childhood were resolved!  And then he learnt Parts integration and, well in hois words..….’wow’! Suddenly heI felt better than ever before! And he still does.

Kosta says “at the college I met my friends. It was a place where giving is valued and abundant for everyone’s betterment.  The trainers are so caring and experts in their fields and it is a pleasure to learn from them, with them, and discuss the future of the craft with them down very deep rabbit holes”. “Joining TLCC has quite literally changed my life to the point that I left my career as a psych and now work as a coach, giving to my clients the things I did not receive in my years of therapy.  And the change in them is just as immediate and long-lasting as it has been for me following my training”. 

Kosta states that” from the staff to the trainers to the CEO, and all the students involved, the people are wonderful and the experience is TRULY wholesome.  So I give back by assisting when I can and sharing some teachable moments from my work with clients.  Being at the college makes me come to life, it’s very rewarding!”

“I am truly happy I made the decision to expand and go beyond the teachings of my previous training.  I believe the principles and courses taught at the college would have a tremendous impact in the practice of all helping professions. “