Michelle Panning

I developed a deep compassion for myself and began expressing my emotions, rather than shutting down

Michelle came all the way from Canada to become one of TLCC’s wonderful success stories. During her Coaching journey she heard a practitioner speak about forgiveness. There’s an old saying that the act of forgiveness isn’t about the other that we believe has wronged us but really about creating the inner peace that we deserve. He told her that she had to forgive. Forgive everyone that I had anger and resentment towards; my past partners, my father, my mother and most importantly, myself.

Michelle developed a deep compassion for herself and began expressing her emotions, rather than shutting down. She began tuning in to her body and dissecting the stories that had been running her psyche. When she began dismantling the stories, her life profoundly changed. “I no longer recognised the woman standing in the mirror before me. For perhaps the first time in my entire life, I felt at home in my body; in true love and acceptance for all the parts of me.” It was at this moment that Michelle realised she had to teach what she had learnt to women. Michelle had learnt that she was worthy of love simply because she exists. “I am whole and everything is already perfect.” …..and in this state of love and acceptance of the self, in this state of remembrance, we are our most authentic selves. From here we attract the people into our lives who reflect the way that we feel about ourselves

Her signature program is called ‘The Connected Woman’, and she works to remind women everywhere that “what we deeply long for is simply connection to ourselves”. That in every day, every moment and every interaction we have the freedom to choose to be our most authentic selves. Michelle usually has 40-50 women in her program and she does a mix of private 1:1 and group coaching. Her entire coaching business has been built on Instagram and from small beginnings (just 10K in here first year) she has created a juggernaut of a business with her most recent year creating $350,000.