Tim Cramer3

Tim Cramer

"I'm getting phone calls from counsellors, psychologists and GPs who all refer their clients to me for hypnosis."

From a near-death experience when he was just 17-an accident on the family farm where his whole arm was almost amputated-to a medical incident where a cortisone injection in his spine put him into a state of chronic pain and triggered a nervous breakdown…

Tim Cramer’s journey certainly hasn’t been easy. But he says it’s been exactly what he needed to set him on the path he was meant to be on

Since completing [The Diploma of Life Coaching Course in 2019], Tim has successfully established his calming hypnotherapy practice, ‘Every Breath’-now doing up to four client sessions a day. “I had 18 clients two weeks ago over one week. And the week before that, 17.” 

Not only is his schedule full, but his practice’s reputation for results is growing!

”I’m getting phone calls from counsellors, psychologists and GPs who refer their clients to me for hypnosis when they can’t do any more with them.” 

Tim is unique in that he decided to focus entirely on hypnosis after completing his Life Coaching certification-after his father’s experience showed him the power and potential of this particular modality.

“My father was a very tough man, but my accident was incredibly hard on him,” says Tim. “He had hypnosis 20 years later because he couldn’t deal with the emotions he felt, and it completely changed his perspective.”

Witnessing first hand how hypnosis helped his father move past the historical trauma of Tim’s accident-and into self-forgiveness and acceptance-was game-changing. “Seeing his transformation was what got me going,” says Tim. 

So, after a search on Google for hypnosis courses, he came across The Life Coaching College Australia. 

A conversation with a Course Advisor helped him take the leap to join. “The advisor I spoke to was the most beautiful human. Her belief in me was what got me to say YES, I’m going to do this!”

That care and authenticity was what made the College so impactful in general, he says: “The trainers genuinely believe in all the people that sign up.”

For Tim, this was important-because he knew what it was like to have your confidence plummet. Having gone through a breakdown previously, there was a time in his life when he couldn’t drive a car, could hardly walk out the front door, and found it hard to perform at his management job in the disability sector.

When he joined The Diploma of Life Coaching program, he was past the depths of these lows, but the support from the coaches was still profound and palpable.  

“The College helped me so much with confidence,” he says earnestly. “When you’ve got people around you who believe in you, it is powerful. I began with the Coach Mastery course, led by Carolyn, who was also so genuine and full of belief in you.”

Important, too, was the fact that much of the training was done face-to-face. Tim doesn’t think he would be where he is today without that. 

“In my mind, face-to-face class is the only way to go. That’s where the energy is. That [in-person connection] gave me the tools and support to give it a go. To know it’s OK to make mistakes. If I’d done my training courses on Zoom, I would probably still be hiding!”

Once he’d completed his initial training, Tim did a self-enforced “apprenticeship”. He kept practising the hypnosis scripts he had learned, to get them rooted into his mind. Next came working with friends and family; and later, paying clients. 

“I just kept on growing with it!” he says. “I did what the College said and made my website. Then I kept on practising! Nowadays, I don’t use any scripts. First, I assess each client’s needs to determine what new beliefs that want planted. And then I do everything from my heart.”

The effects of hypnosis never fails to amaze him. “I cannot get over it; it is incredible. When I did my training with the College, I remember how they explained the impact [of the different techniques]. And it’s so true!”

“Psychologists are amazing and they give their clients so many tools. But I think hypnotherapy is so different because clients feel the difference in the session- they’re not just taking tools away to use later.”

Tim specialises in working with clients with anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction and phobias. 

He’s helped his clients to overcome panic attacks, ease debilitating stress-induced pain, stop smoking, move past difficult childhood experiences that have impacted their mental health in adulthood, and cope better during challenging life phases such as a spouse with cancer.

Nowadays, he couldn’t feel more aligned with his path. 

He sees himself continuing to offer hypnosis services full-time, as he is now in his hypnotherapy practice. 

Then, further down the road, bringing in motivational speaking-teaching the principles of positive thinking he’s developed throughout his life that have changed his trajectory and state of mind. 

“This is my whole purpose in my life. That near-death experience, the breakdown, the 30 years of work in disability-it all led me here. I have found my true purpose, and it is powerful. Not me. But the actual hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is incredible.”

Visit Tim Cramer at www.everybreath.com.au. To study at The Life Coaching College, contact a Course Advisor on 1800 424 556 or book a Discovery Call.