The Hidden Treasure

The Hidden Treasure 

What do we find when we break a seed into pieces. Nothing. But think again, is it nothing? This is what exactly happens with us. Nothing is happening. Life is come at a standstill. It is neither moving forward or backwards. When we see one door that was open till today and suddenly it shut closed. Vacuum, emptiness. This happens with most of us, as we are not trained to turn backwards. Behind us there are ten different doors, those have opened. The doors of opportunities.

The seed has the capacity to grow into a forest, full of trees. The seed is the symbol of the forest, but we lack the eye to see it. There is a treasure hidden in each person we meet, each incident that occur in our life and also the changes in the weather.

How will we promote a child from class 3 to class 4. Answer is simple, we take a test. So we know if he has developed the mental capacity to grasp the higher level education. The case with us is exactly the same. How will we know that we have developed a quality or acquired a skill or maybe even dissolved one of our negative attitude. Simple. The nature test us with various exams, like bringing forward a person who makes us angry, creating a situation or corners us in a fix. Nature like to see whether we are ready to go to the next level.

Life is like a video game. We step up the ladder or go to a next level as we go on winning the previous level. This is the intention of life. It brings forward stressful situations to see how peaceful you can be at the time of stress. It brings forward a person we hate to check whether we have understood love.

We are always carrying our attributes, attitudes, no matter negative or positive with us. How will we know that we have certain qualities. Someone or something stands as a mirror in front of us and the responses towards the incidents are the measure to evaluate whether we are good enough to advance.

Till today, life has never given any sorrow or unhappiness to us. We have to see the other dimension. Sorrow comes to gift us happiness. Instead of accepting the gift we get entangled in the situations of sorrow.

Everything is within us. Whatever we see externally is first created internally. Everything in this world and even the world is created twice. First in the thought level, then on the physical plane. We are trying to change, alter, remodel, repair the outer world. The change will not happen. The inner mould has to be remodelled. Then the external world will look new, happy and peaceful. The peace within, the happiness within reflects outside. We try to change the world, the job, boss, family, children,friends. This will happen only if we change our perspective. To expect other to mend their ways is not common sense. Put in the thoughts of peace,happiness, love, success and they will be expressed through the body.

A tree does not know it bears fruits. It just stands their. We enjoy the fruits. The cow just gives milk. It is not bothered who uses it for what purpose. Likewise when start to give unconditionally, then things will fall into place, the puzzle will be solved.

Tap the hidden treasure of the power of being happiness and the world will smile on us. Every single thought is like a seed. When sown in the land of the mind, will reap rewards. How many seeds or fruits do we think one seed can generate. Thousands. Always be aware of what we sow. We will get it back in multiples.

Is not the mind the treasure box. It has everything. Just learn to tap the hidden ultimate potential of the mind and reap thousand folds.


Thank you.


Raj – The Life Coaching CollegeStudent

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