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Whether you’re looking to become an executive, leadership & executive coach, wellness, life coach (or all of the above) you can gain all the skills you need right here.

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  • Being able to work with ANY client that walks through your door.
  • Building a successful coaching practice that grows with you even as you evolve or change direction, without ever needed to invest in another training.
  • Being able to specialise as a coach, confidently position yourself as an expert, and charge $$ rates that reflect that expertise.

ALL of this is possible with the Master Practitioner of Coaching — our elite and most comprehensive training program.

Who this is for

If you answer YES to any of these, The Master Practitioner of Coaching could be the perfect course for you…

You want to be the very BEST coach you can be, and that your clients ever work with.

Able to expertly support your clients through ANY problem or goal they present to you with, and support ANYONE who walks through your doors.

You’re completely serious about your new coaching career.

You’re committed, ready to go all-in in your coaching business, want to set yourself up for long-term success. The Master Practitioner coach is not one to do things by halves.

You want to confidently position yourself as an expert coach. No bluffing required..

With the rates to reflect that depth of training.

You want a coaching business that fulfills you and can evolve with you.

With this multi-niche coach training program, you can take your coaching practice in ANY direction you want — now and in the future.

Looking for something more basic?
Our Diploma of Life Coaching could be for you!

What’s included in the Master Practitioner Coaching program

This course is for aspiring coaches who wish to become masters in Coaching Psychology. So they demand the very best from their training and won’t settle for anything less.

You’ll get everything that’s included in the Diploma of Life Coaching…

The Diploma of Life Coaching is an internationally-accredited program that gives you the core coaching skills that master coaching requires.

Life Coaching Mastery
You’ll learn the foundations of effective master coaching and practice your skills in person. Master the art of questioning, active listening, and so much more.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
The heart of all our coaching programs and something you’ll use in every single session! You’ll have the skills to help your clients move forward. You’ll facilitate change, and create an elite outcome in any area of your client’s life. Or overcome trauma and past patterns that no longer serve them.

Australia currently has huge problems with Weight, Anxiety and Smoking. After this training, you can work with all three of these challenges!

Plus, advanced training in Masters in Coaching...

This covers ALL the advanced coaching skills included in a Masters in Coaching Psychology.

NLP Mastery
You can’t be a phenomenal coach if you can’t help someone change their programming and patterns of behaviour. This advanced training will equip you with the skills to help your clients make positive changes in every facet of their life.

Multiple Brain Integration
A brand new, science-based coaching technique designed to help your clients make decisions that work for them in business, relationships, sport, parenting and more — enabling you to strongly support them through important decisions and transitions.

Hypnosis Mastery
This master coaching technique helps clients deal with smoking, stress, anxiety and weight issues.

Then, it’s time to specialise…

You can specialise in any niche(s) you would like to focus on with this coaching program. Lifetime access means you can add niches to your masters in coaching, or change direction, at any time.

We offer courses for the hottest (and profitable) niches around:
Kids Coaching
Kids Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Parent Coaching
Parent Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Wellness Coaching
Wellness Coaching
Sports Psychology
Sports Psychology
Strength Training
Strength-Based Training

Think of this stage of the Masters in Coaching Psychology akin to training as a Doctor. To be a General Practitioner, you have to do core training; that’s the Foundational and Advanced Life Coach training.

But to become an ENT, and specialise in another area of medicine, you have to go into another set of study. This is the same concept.

The graduates of this program will have the scope to coach, consult and mentor in environments as broad as…

Kids - Athletes - Teams - Addiction - Phobias - Recruitment - Weight Loss - Habit Creation - Leadership - Life Coaching - Wellness - Mindfulness - Marriage - Relationships - Executive - Leadership - and more!

Plus, you’ll get training in these three areas of master coaching:

How to train high-performing teams
To help optimise performance ANYWHERE where four or more people work together. This includes corporate teams, sports teams, small business teams, and more.

Emotionally intelligent teams training
Same as above! Use this master coaching technique in various settings to improve teamwork and results.

DISC personality profiling

A behaviour-profiling tool that will help you instantly:

  • Identify who a client is.
  • What their blind spots are.
  • How you can work more effectively with them to get better outcomes all round.

We know it’s not ALL about the money. But just establish yourself as an expert in an in-demand niche and deliver results. Then watch your master coaching rates increase.

""There was a feeling of being lifted up.""


"“You feel really in the moment when you are in the training room”"


"“I would come home and think that is really, really, really good value.”"


"‘I wanted a job that makes me jump out of bed in the morning’"


"“I entered a world I have never experienced before”"


Become the best coach you can be.

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How do we facilitate your success?

Face-to-face Training

THIS is what we’re known for, and what sets our coaching program apart from the crowd. We prioritise live, in-person learning. Because we’ve seen practical, hands-on experience builds confidence and master coaching skills. Better than anything elseYour Masters in Coaching Psychology includes a lot of practice. Practice with real people, in real situations and actionable feedback from our expert team.

Lifetime access to our dedicated student support team

If you have a question about master coaching, reach out to our live support team. Offering 9-5 support, and a person to call for help and guidance. You’ll NEVER be on your own or stuck for answers. Plus, we have an active Facebook Group packed with over 1000 coaches all around the world (and growing!). The group provides ongoing support and accountability.


Lifetime access to your courses and content

We call our online training platform ‘Netflix for Coaches’. It covers everything from Foundational and Advanced Coaching Skills to Marketing and Personal Development.And it’s available to you anytime. Get access to over 1000 hours of expert master coaching at your fingertips, for life.

The best teachers and trainers

We’ve searched far and wide to assemble an amazing Masters in Coaching Psychology team. A team that will not only help you become the best version of yourself and create a career that you adore. But will also teach you how to help your clients be the best version of themselves, too. We want you to be proud of your Masters in Coaching, so our trainers reflect that.

Get started coaching straight away

Four days into this coaching program, you’ll have a proven master coaching framework. So you can start working with clients immediately. The framework is a scripted 12-session program, so you’ll know what questions to ask and when. Build up your coaching confidence and client results fast.

Zero interest payment plans available

So you can enrol now pay later.

AND, you'll get...

Sales Markrting

Sales marketing training

At The Life Coaching Collegewe don’t just focus on teaching you coaching skills, we want to set you up for long-term business success too!


A website of your own

So you can come out of the Master Practitioner Coaching program attracting clients online, and owning a brand you are proud of.

Why choose this Master Practitioner program?

The Master Practitioner of Coaching program is the biggest face-to-face coaching program in Australia. It’s for those Coaches who:

  • Aspire towards master coaching, 
  • Want to work with a variety of niches,
  • Want to set themselves up for long-term success in their new career.

This program is elite. You might not want, or even need to do, everything included in this program immediately, but it’s there if and when you do.

No matter what niche you want to grow in, or whatever master coaching path you take, you’ll have all the right tools. Those are the perks of graduating from The Master Practitioner of Coaching Program.

The best bit? Leverage a variety of master coaching modalities when working with individual clients.

So whatever your niche, draw on ALL the Foundational and Advanced Coaching modalities. Every aspect of this program is designed to be used, and useful.

In short, this coaching program covers EVERYTHING you need to work with any client. You also learn how to build your profitable coaching practise fast.

Become the best coach you can be.

Download our complete course
guide here

Contact an enrolment
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How long does the Master Practitioner coaching program last?

This Masters in Coaching Psychology program includes 47 days of Live In-Person Training. And you’ll get lifetime access to all courses, training and content. It should take 18-24 months to complete — depending on your chosen schedule. But you can start working with clients almost immediately. Then set up your master coaching schedule according to your needs.

Where are the LIVE sessions held?

We provide face-to-face classroom-style training in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. So no matter where you’re based, you’re likely to find a training location convenient to you. Download the complete course guide to see our training locations.

Is it ALL offline and in-person? What if I cannot make all the
LIVE sessions?

The Master Practitioner of Coaching offers a blended learning environment with:

  • Online classes via the Student Learning portal
  • In-person training

This unique and fully-personalised blend of online and in-person training is flexible. It’s designed to give every single student the chance to fit the master coaching program into their schedule.

We know you all have more going on in your life than just studying!

Download a course guide to see what master coaching elements you can take online and what items  MUST be done in-person.

Then book a call with one of our enrolment specialists. Together we’ll make sure your coaching program suits YOUR lifestyle.

What professional accreditations do I get if I do this course?

  • Diploma of Life Coaching (incl.) recognised by the International Coaching Federation
  • All NLP Training approved by the ABNLP
  • All Hypnosis Training accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy.
  • mBit Training approved by mBit Australia