The Transformational Coaching Blueprint

(CM001 & ACM001)

Unlock Your Potential with Our Transformational Coaching Blueprint

At The Life Coaching College, we equip aspiring coaches with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to make a profound impact on their clients’ lives. Our TLCC Coaching Model is designed to help you, as a coach, uncover what truly drives your clients’ results, overcome barriers, and guide them towards lasting transformation. Whether you’re starting your coaching journey or seeking to enhance your existing practice, our program offers the comprehensive support you need to excel.

Face-to-Face in Melbourne, Sydney. Brisbane or Perth. (There is an online option if required)

4 Days (32 Hours)


Students receive the Coaching Blueprint and client guides of the blueprint.

Upcoming Training Dates

At The Life Coaching College, we host and run a variety of online & face-to-face coaching training events for current students and alumni throughout the year. Check the schedule for the trainings “Coach Mastery and “Advanced Coach Mastery”upcoming training dates and availability.

TCB Weekly

x 100 weeks

$40.00 every 1 Week until $4,000.00 is collected

TCB Fortnightly

x 50 fortnights

$80.00 every 2 Weeks until $4,000.00 is collected

TCB Monthly

x 25 months

$160.00 every Month until $4,000.00 is collected



$400 discount

Once off payment of $3,600.00

Learning Outcomes:

Program Highlights:

Who is this for?

Alternative Path

Alternatively, you can enrol in the Diploma of Life Coaching for $10,000 & receive the 7-Day NLP Practitioner Training PLUS:

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Book a call with a Course Advisor to get some advice about which life coaching course is best for you, plus get answers to any other questions about studying with TLCC!

Meet Your Coaching Blueprint Trainers

Tlcc Jo Wise.png

Jo Wise

Master Certified Coach

Jo Wise is an accomplished Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation and an Accredited PCC Marker.

With a dual passion for empowering exceptional coaches and guiding individuals to achieve results that surpass their own expectations, she is also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (MPNLP), Trainers Trainer of NLP, Master Practitioner of Business and Executive Coaching, Performance Coach, Level 3 Master Trainer in Extended DISC, Level 2 Extended DISC Behavioural Trainer and Advisor, Certified DISC Practitioner, and Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

Her fun, direct and open approach, along with her roles as Director of Education and Coach Educator at The Life Coaching College and ongoing association with the International Coach Federation, ensure she champions the highest coaching standards.

This translates directly into her work empowering professional women to lead boldly and unapologetically with confidence, authenticity, and impact.

Deeply versed in coaching, human behaviour (NLP, Extended DISC, EQ), and business strategy, Jo’s coaching and speaking engagements equip women to achieve ambitious personal and professional goals while reshaping workplace culture.

She envisions a world where female leadership is the norm, characterised by both results and a more collaborative, empathetic approach.

Tlcc Jim Cocks.png

Jim Cocks

PCC Certified Coach and NLPAA Qualified Trainer

Jim is not just a coach; he’s a catalyst for transformation. With a storied career in sales, marketing, training, and business development across some of the biggest international retail and fitness brands, Jim brings a wealth of experience to the life coaching arena.

As a best-selling author, his latest book, Build Excite Ignite, has empowered countless individuals to escape the corporate grind and leap into entrepreneurial success.

At the Life Coaching College, Jim harnesses his extensive background to support our students in scaling their coaching expertise and businesses to new heights.

His practical, no-nonsense approach demystifies the complexities of business development, making success accessible to everyone—from budding entrepreneurs to established business owners looking to expand their impact.

As a PCC certified coach and an NLPAA qualified trainer, Jim’s methods are not just about theory but are rooted in real-world applications that produce tangible results. His dynamic coaching style is infused with integrity, character, and a dash of fun, ensuring that learning is not just effective but also enjoyable.

Join Jim at The Life Coaching College and transform your passion into a profitable venture that reflects your values and vision. With Jim and TLCC by your side, your journey to personal and professional fulfilment is just beginning.

Tlcc Francinne Orourke.png

Francinne O’Rourke

PCC Accredited ADHD & Mindset Coach, MBA

2 x International Best-selling Author, PCC Accredited Coach Trainer & Mentor, District 32 Mindset Expert, Mum and lover of the simple things in life.

Meet Francinne O’Rourke, a PCC Accredited ADHD & Mindset Coach with the International Coaching Federation, celebrated as a two-time international best-selling author, in a multi author book and boasting over a decade of transformative coaching to distracted female entrepreneurs.

Francinne brings a treasure trove of qualifications to the table, including Master Practitioner credentials in Life Coaching, mBIT, EDISC, Conscious Hypnosis, and NLP From The Life coaching College and ADHD Personal Transformation Coach from ADDCA.

Tlcc Carolyn Shaw.png

Carolyn Shaw

Certified CPA, Credentialed ICF Coach, Accredited Consultant in Emotional Intelligence

Carolyn is the world’s only ex-finance geek, turned bridge-crossing talent management executive. She’s worked for more than three decades at the intersection of finance, operations, change management, human resources, and organisational development for both multi-national organisations and not-for-profits.

She’s got more qualifications than you can shake a stick at, including a Certified CPA, a Credentialed ICF Coach, and is an Accredited Consultant in Emotional Intelligence, EDISC Behavioural Profiling and Gallup Strengths.

Carolyn’s also won more awards that you can count on both hands, including International Women’s Day for Leadership in Education, Toastmaster of the Year (QLD, NT, NNSW, PNG), and McPherson Community Achiever Award.

But don’t let all that business talk fool you – she’s also a mother of sons, a fan of Star Wars, and a lover of crossing bridges. In short, she’s a total boss lady and a total nerd, and we love her for it.

Here's What Happens
When You Enrol With TLCC:

When you become a student at The Life Coaching College, you’ll gain access to a truly transformative learning experience:

Hands-On Course Materials

Your comprehensive course materials will be shipped directly to your door within 7-10 business days of enrolment. No waiting for digital downloads – you’ll have everything you need to start learning in your hands.

Hands On Course Materials 2.png
Personalised Coaching 2.png

Personalised Coaching

One of our seasoned, ICF-certified coaches will guide you through a 12-week personal coaching program. This is your chance to experience our proven coaching methodology firsthand and see how it can help you create positive change.

Weekly Trainer Interactions:

Join live group coaching sessions every week to learn directly from our expert trainers. Gain insights on personal growth, business development, marketing, and of course, core coaching competencies.

Weekly Trainer Interactions 2.png
Robust Online Resources 3.jpg

Robust Online Resources

Dive into our extensive online learning library, featuring over 200 classes on topics like NLP, hypnosis, positive psychology, and more. Your education extends far beyond the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

01 What are the best life coaching courses in Australia?

When it comes to life coaching certification, quality and accreditation are key. The Life Coaching College offers the gold-standard training you need to become a successful, in-demand coach. Our programs are internationally accredited by the ICF and equip you with the practical skills and real-world experience to thrive in this rewarding career. We’re also the only in-person program available.

Tuition for our life coaching courses ranges from $6,000 to $25,000, depending on the program level. We offer a variety of flexible payment options, including interest-free plans, to make quality coaching education accessible. Invest in your future and start your dream career today.

Certification is not legally required to practise as a life coach. However, clients increasingly seek out coaches who have completed accredited training programs. When you earn your credential from The Life Coaching College, you’ll demonstrate your expertise and be better positioned to build a thriving coaching practice.

The beauty of our program is that you can start earning while you learn. Many of our students begin taking on clients and making money just after their first weekend with us. You don’t have to wait until the end of your training to start your coaching career.

Most courses at The Life Coaching College run from 6-12 months, inclusive of face-to-face practice (100+ hrs for ICF Accreditation), as well as 10 hrs. of mentor training. And the Practitioner of Life Coaching course will give you 42 hours of practice coaching.

While we believe hands-on, face-to-face training is essential for developing core coaching competencies, we also offer online learning opportunities. Many of our courses feature a blend of in-person workshops and self-paced digital modules to accommodate diverse learning styles and schedules. Speak with our team to find the right program format for you.

Still have questions about which life coaching course is right for you?

Book a call with our friendly team to get personalised recommendations and learn more about kick-starting your new career.