As an externally audited College, it is important that we have a functional set of Terms and Conditions to protect your rights as a student and those of all other students and staff.

As part of your enrolment process with The Life Coaching College, we ask that you agree to the Terms and Conditions as outlined below. When reviewing the Terms and Conditions & completing the form, please use the exact email address that this request came to initially. This is your student email and can be changed at a later date but must be used for the purposes of filling in this form.

Once you read the Terms and Conditions and entered your details, please click the submit button. By clicking the Submit button, you understand that you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions as set out here.

SECTION A: Your Information

SECTION B: Terms & Conditions

  The Life Coaching College (TLCC)

  Terms and Conditions

    The responsibility of reading these terms and conditions prior to completion of your 
    purchase lies with you. They are detailed and binding.

       Please read the detailed conditions below:


     1.   The program and payment plan (fee) selected are not transferable to another person or entity
    for any reason.

      2.   I am entering into this purchase agreement mindfully and of my own choice. I am aware of my
    commitments to TLCC and I am aware of my financial obligations.

     3.  If I am on a payment plan and fall behind with my repayments, I may be prevented from attending further live
    trainings until my payments are brought up to date.

    I will work with Student Support through this period – that’s what they’re there for.

    Failed payments attract a handling fee (see terms for actual values).

      If I need to change my student loan repayments or pay-out my loan, I will contact TLCC.


    4.    I understand that the training I will take part in during my program is Coach Certification training and does not confer, constitute or provide any psychological, therapeutic, medical or legal advice.

    I agree that if I engage in any training exercise or activity, I do so freely and of my own volition and risk.

    If I experience any physical, emotional or psychological pain or discomfort during the training, I will immediately inform the Trainers and cease performing any of the training exercises.

    I further understand that coaching should not be construed as a substitute for medical and psychological examination, diagnosis, or treatment and in no way constitutes or should be construed as such.

    I will take responsibility for seeking the prior authorization of my own medical practitioner/s prior to registering to attend any training where I know/suspect that the condition of my mental health requires such guidance/approval before I attend.

    I understand that the Trainers are not qualified to perform, diagnose, prescribe, or treat any physical or mental illness, and that nothing said in the course of the training should be construed as such.

    I agree to advise the Trainers of my medical profile prior to commencement of the training, in writing. I acknowledge that there shall be no liability on the Trainers of the training or The Life Coaching College (TLCC).

    I further acknowledge that a possible consequence of the training is that one or a number of  previously hereto unknown medical or psychological conditions might arise or be uncovered and hereby indemnify the Trainers and TLCC in the event of such occurrences.

    I further indemnify the Trainers and TLCC and their officers from any costs or injuries arising from or as a consequence of the training.

    I also understand that the Trainers and the Life Coaching College reserve the right to refuse entry or cease to train anyone whom they deem to have a condition for which the training is unsuitable for, at any point prior or during the workshop, without having to give any prior or extended notice.


    5.    Should I fall ill during a training and fail to complete, TLCC are indemnified from all associated costs (travel, accommodation, loss of income etc.).

    I will be allowed to re-book to attend and complete the same training at another time.

    TLCC bear no liability for any direct or indirect medical expenses incurred in the treatment of my illness/injury.

    Where in doubt as to the degree of severity of my injury or illness, TLCC will call an ambulance and all associated costs are to be borne by me.

    If too unwell to book into and attend live trainings, we recommend you suspend or put-on-hold your attendance until such time as your are fit and well. NOTE: Your payment plan will still be required to be paid per your agreed regular instalment plan, whilst your live training is on-hold.


    6.    Certification will only be awarded once competency is assessed as being achieved and all payments for my course are up to date/on track. (I do not need to have paid out my student loan in full to achieve my full accreditation – my loan repayments will continue as scheduled until complete payout has been achieved.)

     7.    TLCC may photograph or record trainings for the purpose of trainer review and/or marketing in all media. I give permission to TLCC to use my image in such media releases.

    8.    It is a requirement that I attend every live training I am booked into or change the training no later than 4 weeks from it's commencement. Where I fail to give TLCC 4 weeks-notice (prior to day-1  of the planned training date) TLCC will charge a $250 non-attendance fee (inc. GST) for any training up to 3 days and $500 for any training 4 days and above. 

    9.     In order to be Certified in any of my Trainings (NLP etc.), I acknowledge that I must:

    a. Attend every day of the training and;

    b. Attend for the whole day of training, each day;

    c. Be deemed ‘competent’ by the Trainer.

    Where I have failed to reach the accredited standard and the Trainer has verified that I have attended and applied myself fully, I will be permitted to either attend the Training once more at no cost to TLCC or I will be given extended exercises to complete before the Trainer Certifies me.The decision will rest with the Trainer and the Trainers decision is final.

    Where a student fails to achieve Certification due to their own conduct/behaviour; being late, non-attendance etc., the student must pay for the Training to be repeated at market value as per the TLCC current Table-Of-Value at the time of booking. The Trainers decision is final.

    10.    TLCC seek out the very best Trainers for each of the trainings they deliver. It becomes necessary, at times, to change Trainers at short notice (due to sickness etc.) and TLCC may change Trainers at the start of a new calendar year for a variety of reasons.
    TLCC reserve the right to change the Trainer of any training, as required by them, without notice. There will be no refund where a student prefers to not attend a training with a particular  Trainer. I am purchasing a training/accreditation not a ‘Trainer’ experience. 

    11.   Where I purchase a program upgrade or a stand-alone training, outside of my original course, I am bound by all of the same terms and conditions as detailed in this document.

    12.    Where I am unable to attend a stand-alone training purchased outside of my initial package, a refund will not be issued. I may re-book into that same training the following year.

    TLCC does not guarantee to provide any specific trainings in forward years. Trainings offered change over time and TLCC reserves the right to 'retire' trainings as required. Where a student cannot attend the training purchased and it is not being delivered again, the value of that training/money paid is not refunded to me, but I can in this instance put it towards another training.

  13.  In the rare circumstance that TLCC is forced to cancel a training event prior to its advertised
    starting date, enrolees will be transferred to a future event.


  14.    Any marketing or information provided by TLCC is for guidance only. TLCC has not made any representation that participation in the program guarantees financial or professional success. I take responsibility for how I implement my learning and achieve my results.

  15.    I can only make copies, download video or distribute any of the written, audio or video materials from the program as required for personal use as a student/participant. I cannot do so for any other reason. I am bound by all normal copyright law and restrictions.

  16.   I will not take, cause or support any action that may cause or risk damage to TLCC’s intellectual property, brand, reputation, carriage of business or community. To do so may result in expulsion from TLCC with all of my program fees still due and legal action against me in extreme circumstances.


    17.    In all TLCC activities my behaviour must give dignity, courtesy, equality and mutual respect, shared across cultures, religions and philosophies. Unacceptable behaviour such as but not limited to discrimination, harassment, bullying, violence, vilification and victimization, will not be tolerated. In many instances, it is against the law.

    TLCC and its Trainers reserve the right to remove a student from a training where breaching this policy (per their own review of the situation). In such events, TLCC are indemnified from all associated costs (travel, accommodation, loss of income etc.)

    No refund will be made to the student where their behaviour precludes them from completing a training.

    TLCC may offer a training date in the future for a student to attend, where poor behavior has precluded them from attending/completing a booked training. This decision is at the discretion of TLCC. TLCC’s decision is final.

    18.    TLCC are there to help me. I am entering into a purchase agreement that has conditions. My decisions are my responsibility. Should I have reason to take issue with any component of my training experience with TLCC, I will intend to resolve it informally via TLCC Student Support. I will call and discuss my situation with one of the Student Support Team.

    Where a resolution is not possible to my satisfaction, per my normal consumer rights (Victoria) the issue may be referred to a single arbitrator to be agreed upon by the parties in Victoria, Australia.

    19.    TLCC students are not permitted to sell any goods or services to each other at any time. Coaching each other should be free of charge and part of my experience and build of my coaching hours. If I want to be coached, I will put a call-out onto the Closed Facebook Community page or call Student Support.

    20.    TLCC students are not to advertise their own business services to any other student.

    21.     As a TLCC Student I understand that success is generated from my mindset, attitude, energy and application. I will attend all of my Trainings with an open mind, a child-like curiosity and I will be willing to unlearn the old to learn the new. I will support my fellow students in their learning by applying myself fully to every Training. I will communicate respectfully and openly with my Trainers and peers and I will ensure I take full responsibility for my learning. I will seek the support of my fellow studentsand TLCC Team Members whenever I am stuck. I give myself permission to be perfectly imperfect as I learn,
    grow and develop.

    22.    TLCC are not responsible for the business practices and activities outside of TLCC programs, of any Trainer associated with TLCC, current, past or present. TLCC.
Trainers are not permitted to sell their own products to TLCC Students. Any business conducted outside of TLCC with any Trainer, past or present, is discouraged and TLCC is indemnified from all associated liabilities or losses where this advice is ignored.


    23.    If TLCC suffers loss, damage, civil or criminal liability, legal fees or costs as a result of me breaking this agreement, I agree to indemnify TLCC and keep it indemnified.

    24.    I will not hold TLCC liable for any loss or cost or damages incurred by me (or any person related to me) in the event of mental, physical, emotional stress or distress (or other ailment or condition) caused either directly or indirectly in relation to these training sessions. I will indemnify TLCC in the event of any such claim.

    25.    I indemnify TLCC for any loss or damage incurred by me or any other person during the course of my training.

    26.    I agree to indemnify and keep indemnified TLCC from and against all loss, damage or liability (whether criminal or civil) suffered and legal fees and costs incurred by TLCC resulting from breach of this agreement by the Student including if applicable any neglect or default of the Student’s employees or agents.

    27.    I agree to not cause or permit anything which may damage or endanger the intellectual property of TLCC or assist or allows others to do so (TLCC’s intellectual property includes all aspects of TLCC’s intellectual property in whatever form associated with TLCC, including but not limited to the rights contained in their website, stationary, customer lists, graphics, literature, style of trading, copyright, design rights, patents, logos, course materials and content etc.).

    28.    I agree to not solicit, deal with or engage any of the personnel provided by TLCC to supply the Course for a period of five years from the date of the agreement without the prior written consent from TLCC, nor deal with or engage in business dealings with any TLCC personnel.

    29.    Not to make copies, download video or distribute any of the written, audio or video materials from the Course other than as required to do so for the purpose of participating in the Course. Except as this Agreement specifically permits, at any
    time to divulge to any third party any part of the Confidential Information or of the Intellectual Property nor provide to any third party a copy of any document or audio recording which comprises or contains Confidential Information or Intellectual     Property.

    30.      That TLCC is not liable in any way if the Course contains materials which the Student is already familiar with.

    31.    Where TLCC is found liable, the liability is limited to the amount of the fee I paid.

    32.    In the rare circumstance that TLCC is forced to cancel a training event prior to its advertised starting date, enrolees will be transferred to a future event. I hereby indemnify TLCC in the event of such occurrences for any associated costs.
    TLCC recommend purchasing flexi-fares with airlines and booking accommodation with providers who do not have cancellation fees.


    33.  TLCC understand that at times students need to withdraw from their course or even downgrade courses. This is totally fine and students will be charged based on both training completed and time in course as per the schedule below:

  • NON Refundable Administration fee: $2,000 (Also applicable as a new fee when upgrading)
  • Each Starting Month in the course: $497
  • Each Day of Training attended or completed online: $1,000
Please note: Your pay-out-value will be capped at your total course cost, so you will never pay more than you originally agreed to pay.  

       34.    If any of these terms and conditions or any part of them is found to be illegal or invalid, the
    remainder will be unaffected.

    35.    TLCC reserve the right to change and vary these terms and conditions. Your consumer rights
    remain unchanged.

    36.    If you fail to pay our account according to our terms then we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your course immediately without penalty and charge you in advance. We reserve the right to charge 1% interest per month on all overdue accounts accruing daily until paid. If we are required to engage the services of an external debt collector you agree to pay all fees and charges associated with the collection as well as our overdue account.  Not paying your account may also make you reportable on the “Default Payer” register.

    37.    Should I fail to sign and return these terms and conditions, I understand that by activating my Student Loan or paying for my course in part/full I have agreed to all of the terms and conditions contained herein.

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