TLCC Terms and Conditions For Students

Hi and Welcome to the student record and Terms and Conditions page. As an externally audited College it is important that we have a functional set of student Terms and Policies to protect your rights as a student and those of all other students and Staff.

As part of your enrolment process with TLCC we ask you to agree to our terms and conditions as stated in the policy document at the bottom of the page as well as on the page and also confirm your current address details. When completing the form please use the exact email address that this request came to initially. This is your student email and can be changed at a later date but must be used for the purposes of filling in this form.

Please read and then submit by clicking the button at the bottom of the page and note that completion of this form is a compulsory component of your student enrolment. This is a legally binding set of Terms and Conditions and by clicking the submit button you understand that you have agreed to the Terms as they are set out in both the Handbook and the Page.

Have a great day,

Glen Murdoch


Click below for the current Student Handbook and Policies.

Payment Plans and Student Loans

Please note that we utilise PayRight and Ezypay for our student loans. Ensure that you know which one you have entered into.