You, Archetypes and the New Year

Have you ever noticed that people like movie stars who are like an ideal expression of themselves?

I was at my friends place in Melbourne and she has dark brown hair and a heart shaped face. In her house were loads of pictures of Audrey Hepburn.

She even uses Audrey in her marketing.

Whereas for myself, blond haired and blue eyed, I used to be a fan of Marilyn Manroe.

What is interesting is that when my hair was short I couldn’t get enough of Marilyn. But now my hair is long I am more of a Guinevere girl – more Medieval.

I have even used Guinevere in my new marketing for Archetype Academy. See the pic of Guinevere down below..

So what does this all have to do with You, Archetypes and the New Year?

Well the thing is that we all search for an ideal expression of ourselves and this influences the way we look, our branding and what we are attracted to.

Deep inside our unconscious we have a symbolic idea of who we are and how we want to express ourselves.

This is actually what Archetypes give us, conscious access to the best of who we can be, our deepest identity. We also search for what we want to be but don’t think that we are.

The great thing about Archetypes is that unlike movie stars they are ideal and don’t have the baggage and shadow of real people. This makes them a much more powerful and useful to model, because you only get the positive.

Plato considered Archetypes to be the language of the soul, that unlock our destiny, passion and purpose. Archetypes create a bridge between our higher self and our personal expression.

When we use Archetypes we feel like we can bring who we are into what we do.That makes decision making easier and we feel more authentic and congruent.

For now:

Take a look at the Movie Stars, Singers or Personalities you’re attracted to and see what it is they symbolise to you. Are they similar to you in some way? Do they represent some quality you would like to have more of?

For example Audrey symbolise grace, elegance and innocence, where as Marilyn is more fun, sexy and bubbly.

And then see if you can incorporate those qualities into your life more during the New Year.

With Warmth and Happy New Year Pip

Pip Mckay is our NLP Train the Blair_Leighton_The_Accolade_NewTrainer in Sydney

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